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we are in a similar boat, with baby #2 due late january/early february. but currently ds sleeps in the king size bed. so our plan is to continue to have him sleep there, and to have the newbie sleep in a cosleepr or bassinet until we come to bed. but that is just the plan we have now, i have a feeling things are not going to go as planned.
very quickly into pregnancy i can't stand to have anything snug near my abdomen. i'm 19 weeks now, and i have been carrying DS in a mei tai most of the time for the past several weeks. i tie it right under my bra, so he is up nice and high and can see over my shoulders. i wrap him sometimes too, but we prefer a mei tai in the summer.
i didnt do anything special. it was our first cycle trying. i estimated when i would probably ovulate, and we dtd every day for the week surrounding that day. well, i guess this is different: my ds still nurses a TON through out the day. he still nurses at night too, although for the past month, i have started to sleep in a separate bed from him (he still sleeps in our bed with dh, i just moved out). the constant all night nursing was hurting my back, plus he was waking...
i told myself i wasnt going to POAS until at least this friday (expecting AF on Thursday). but monday i was feeling queasy, so i took the test and BFP!!!! i cannot even believe it! so excited. and scared. but mostly excited.
i've been trying to keep up with this thread, but it's hard! so many different stories.   i guess i am in the 2WW period now. i am about 6dpo, i think. i told myself that i wont POAS until AF is late.
CTA= charting to avoid
add me to waiting to o.   started having some ewcm yesterday, so here's to hoping it happens this week! i haven't been charting this time around, b/c my DS (15 months) still wake up frequently at night, so i can't be bothered to track my temps. this is our first month actively ttc. we didn't "try" with our DS, we were CTA, and broke the rules just a little bit and i got pregnant (we were happy though! we were about to start trying anyway). This whole actually trying...
our bulletproof solution is a lollidoo pocket with 3 hemo inserts or a motherease fitted with a flip organic insert laid inside, under wool.   also, this was really important, my ds cannot wear pajamas with a waistband. he has to wear one piece fleece jammies. the waistband will pull his diaper open on top every time.
i used a bouncy seat when he was very little. he loved it, and i was bummed when he outgrew it. from there we used a jumparoo, but he would only tolerate it for very short periods of time. learning to do back carries was a life saver at that point. now that he is older and mobile and active, he usually hangs out in the kitchen with some toys while i work in there, but if he is getting into a lot of stuff or in need of snuggles, i put him on my back.
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