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Just chiming in that I'm looking for resources, too, for our 6.5 year old. She's very, very, very close to both of us. We're splitting up amicably and will definitely be sharing custody. But I'm anxious to figure out the best way to bring her into this new reality. I suspect she suspects already. Thanks for any other suggestions (or even other places on the discussion boards, I can't find much!). --Heather
nak -- hope to be clear our almost 6 yo (July) is with us and now our 6week old. the baby wakes Maya (older) up, so I end up now getting up for the 3am-ish and staying up. I want Maya to want to sleep in her own room. When M wakes, she kicks kicks hits is angry not really awake. DH can go with her to her room (has a full bed bunk). But M always thinks it means she's being forced away from me. Ways to make going to her own bed a special, lucky, treat (not a...
nak no flames! we did very little daddy nighttime/bedtime parenting w/dd1 but fully expect to do lots w/dd2 (she's 6 wks so it'll be a while). i agree w/the pp -- totally NOT cio if she's w/daddy!
I need to break the caffeine (too much) cycle.
it's nice to hear "from the other side." it's also very nice to have a place I feel I can talk about the exhaustion without everyone trying to FIX the situation. :-)
Quote: Originally Posted by Amber Lion e are going to my parent's house this weekend, but luckily they are supportive of co-sleeping (did it with us ) and our parenting choices in general. Her sleep always gets wonky when we have company or go somewhere though, she's just too excited to take good naps, so there's always that excuse to give them too! I like that. Going to use it. Whine for the day... could we dump them here? Infant wakes at...
nak decay rel to genes don't let milk pool keep nursing until your child doesn't need it anymore :-)
joining! nak tho 6 wk old and almost 6 yr old w/ me and husband it will pass, but i miss being kind!!!!
I've just stopped being naked around my almost-six year old. I'm nursing her 6 week old sister now, so she's seeing my breasts again. But, after Maya stopped nursing (in December, she was 5.5) I just stopped changing in front of her, made sure the towel was in reach, etc. Never even said anything about it, just sort of closed the door. Once or twice she wanted contact (when sleeping), but it's now become something she just doesn't do. She wanted to taste the new breast...
Quote: Originally Posted by weliveintheforest another option could have been "no, but close" That's our answer. Dd was more than 4 but less than 5 times her weight. yeah, i chose yes because it was sooooo close. interesting question!
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