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Just sneaking in here to say for you low-carriers I am SO jealous! This baby's head is a bit like that Alien creature, trying to burst her head out of my abdomen just at my sternum. OUCH. Also, I agree with the others that your chiro probably can't really have a clue about that. :-)
So often they feel the same, when they're big ones. It's that WHOA "SOMETHING" is happening. I only can tell after a bit if it's her moving or if it's BH. Sometimes I can't tell. With her head up here some of her moves just force everything to get really tight, BH style.
Hmmm, so maybe this is some kind of obscene training... (My daughter was always a great sleeper, but I didn't have these troubles with sleep for her pregnancy... ohhhhhh...)
Quote: Originally Posted by Lunaria wide awake despite being completely exhausted. WHy, why, WHY is this happening to us?!?!??! Surely there's no biological reason for it... except maybe to force us to adapt to the multiple nursings coming up? NO WAY, though, that'll be this terrible. Agggggghhhhh I say, at 4:41am totally exhausted and awake for the last 40 minutes!
Same here on so much of it. She's gone head to the side a bunch. I'm pushing through to do what I need to do despite my tiredness. BUT, it's not as pleasurable as I think it was with my first by a long shot... --H
Me, too. And it's also totally disturbing my sleep. I *need* to sort everything. I *need* to get things set up. Trouble is, I've barely got the energy to do 10% of what I NEED to do. Waaaaaa. It's hard! If you've got the energy, I say, you go, girl! :-)
Oh, wow, and I was drowning in self-pity over here. Add the misery of this pregnancy to being alone caring for three little ones? I am *so* sorry to hear it! Believe me, I know you love your kids, I'm sure you love life, etc. but, WOW, that's so much. I thought I'd read this thread and just empathize (which I do!) but now I feel like maybe I should just be grateful. (My parents have my 5.5 y.o. at the zoo this afternoon.) This has truly been *the* most difficult...
Yeah, if you have to have major surgery to meet your baby, talk to the doctor about the incision. First of all, of course, you want the across kind not the up and down kind. But, also, mine is *so* low it's barely noticeable (near the pubic hair line). It's only a few inches across. She spent a *lot* of time (she told me) stitching it up which makes a big difference in the thickness of the scar. Anyway, for me, it's sort of moot because the said belly pouch kind of...
Quote: Originally Posted by lotus.blossom I thought it would be worth mentioning for people who don't know what a c/s incision looks like........its pretty small compared to a tummy tuck. As far as I know a tummy tuck is hipbone to hipbone. And a c/s incision is anywhere from an inch or two (completely healed and faded) to 6 inches. So just because you are being cut with a c/s doesn't mean that the process is similar enough to kill two birds with one...
Wow and hooray!!!!
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