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Sorry, I thought the nasal spray was the only one going to be available in the near future the US? Can you get the inactivated injections here? Edited to add: It appears the injections are supposed to be available by the end of October. Sorry
KaylaBeanie, the H1N1 vax is not a dead virus vax, it's a live attenuated vax. Just wanted to make sure you had all the facts.
Wow, a live virus vaccine.
Off the top of my head playdough dress up magnets hullabaloo building a fort
I think a lot of it might have to do with the ages of the children. My parents had a foster child in our home when I was a child. He was an infant when he came to our home and lived with us for about a year. I was 5. When he left it was devastating for me. Honestly it was not a positive experience for me.
If you've ever had hepatitis A, you have lifelong immunity. I *think* most people get immunity in childhood. I don't think there is any risk to the baby if you were to get hepatitis A during pregnancy, you could just potentially just get sick. Lots of people get hep A without having any symptoms.
Quote: Originally Posted by Virginia Mom The school nurse already told me she would be calling the health dept on any parent who submits this form I don't know what she thinks that will do. The CRE is a form *from* the health department. When I moved to VA years ago, I actually called the health department to have them fax me the form so I could fill it out before I came. The people at the health department were extremely friendly and helpful.
I'm so sorry. It sounds so frustrating. I guess what I was trying to say is that if you have a specific idea of what your child needs, I think you can get it, but it will take time and energy. If your district doesn't have an appropriate program, then threatening them with due process to force them to pay for it in another district might not be a bad idea. The financial cost of sending him to another district would likely be more expensive than what you want. I...
Your child is entitled to Free and Appropriate Public Education (FAPE) under federal law. The gist of this law is that the public school HAS to provide education appropriate to your child, free of charge. If the school cannot provide that education on site, they HAVE to pay for your child to get it in a private setting. You need to know your rights and advocate for your child. The school districts are mainly worried about the financial bottom line. You can appeal the...
My eyesight got significantly worse after the birth of each of my children. I had a prescription change for my contacts of almost a whole point each time (for the worse).
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