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I didn't see these last replies - I was away most of the summer.  I sure appreciate all of your insights and experiences.  Thank you.
snowfaeriemama, can I just drive off of the freeway when I see by the map that I am near a National forest or BLM land and find a place to park by the side of the road? (sorry if I sound dumb - just not sure about what to imagine!)
    Whoops - here I thought I had had the complete thread-killer experience, but you two have also given some great advice. I think I will do the one night thing too, 100%mom, and look for something around Bozeman.   Momsteader, this is really good info. about KOAs.  I'm not looking for a pool at all, but I've heard that the KOAs often have enough spaces that you won't be turned away if everything else is full.  I will keep these in mind.
snowfaeriemama, I did not see your post until tonight!  Thank you so much for the great ideas!  Could you say more about stopping at hot springs?  Do you mean to bathe?  This is not something I have ever done. Are they usually set up to mix hot and cold h2o?  I am intrigued.   Also, where do you start in terms of finding natural food stores on your route?  Just google "natural foods" and the names of the towns through which you'll be passing?   Thanks - I hope...
Thanks, mtiger!  Any thoughts about what you might have wanted to know when you went through this (assuming you have gone through this?)
Hi, All - My sweet eldest ds came home from his freshman year away at college, during which we did some skype-ing and I felt close to him while he was away.     Now we are planning a cross-country road trip (me and my two ds) and he's only going reluctantly, because he does love the family we're visiting, but says he can't afford a vacation and if he could he would not take one with me.  Which is true.  So he is hoping that instead of coming back leisurely,...
Hello - I have never heard of it.  Would you like to post a link for more info? -Dancy
Yeah.  Thanks for the reminder.
I feel like this list is my "tribe".  People who have a regular spiritual practice to the extent that the folks here describe.  Thank you HHM for starting this thread.  It's nice to know I am not the only one meditating and praying through my day. Actually, that is my intention.  Reality is I pray and meditate int he morning for sure, but through the rest of the day it's catch as catch can.  I do a few of the morning blessings from the Jewish prayer service, then read...
I just thought of another question - when you've driven this, how have you planned it in terms of how long, where you stop, etc?  If you have time, I sure would like to hear from someone who'd done it.
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