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I don't even know how to respond to this thread.  I live in Brooklyn.  MANY of us MDC moms live in the areas hit hardest by the hurricane.  I'm floored that in response to this huge tragedy, you took action by posting on a message board about how you just don't understand why people let this happen to them.  I just can't fathom that lack of compassion.  Go look at cnn.com.  Have you seen the photos?  Have you read about the mom in Staten Island who clung to a tree for...
Definitely skip the MDC trading post, there's almost nothing ever posted there.    The best babywearing FSOTs used to be the FSOT board on The Babywearer and the Babywearing Swap on Babycenter.  Now most buy/sell/trading has moved to Facebook.  There are a bunch of different swap groups there, but this is the biggest (10,000 members) and most widely used: http://www.facebook.com/groups/196221090408274/.  
Playing with my big girl on the Manhattan sidewalk while the baby hangs out in a torso carry.   
Wearing my little one leaves my arms free for my big girl.  :-)   This is my newborn in a woven wrap, on the NYC subway on the way to her ped visit.  Just 5 days after her world turned upside down, my 2 year old still needed to be in my lap.  
I never left dd1 at all when she was a baby.  I was a SAHM and I didn't even leave her with my husband so I could go out to the grocery store after she was asleep.  I never, ever, left her.  Looking back on it, it wasn't a healthy dynamic at all.  I struggled very hard with the "balance" B of attachment parenting!   Now I have another daughter, and I have a new routine of going to the gym every week day.  So I've been leaving her in gym daycare (it's the same lady...
How about an ipad?  My 7 month old loves our ipad.  It's great because it can grow with them.  My 3 year old is learning how to write her Cyrillic letters with some app my DH downloaded (it's great because my DH and his family speak Russian, but since I can't read it I can't help her with the letters).
Right, what about moms who vax on schedule?  Is Kathy saying she doesn't want them to be able to post in the vaccination forums at all?
  That's pretty much how it was for us.  DD1 was unvaxxed until she was 2.5.  I've had a total change of heart regarding vaccination in the last year.  Now we're getting her caught up, and my 7 month old is slowly getting caught up, too.  MAN, if you had told me 3 years ago that I would ever vaccinate my 4 month old baby, I would have kicked you in the shin!    I chose pro-vax because I think it's maybe the closest to what I am, but I personally delay/spread out vaccines...
My older daughter was completely unvaxxed until I had a change of heart when she was 2.5 (now she's 3).  My 7 month old is on a delayed schedule--she got her first vax at 3 months.   Did I notice any differences?  In terms of developmental milestones, they've hit them at the same ages (so far, we're only talking about rolling over, sitting and army crawling).  In terms of temperament, they have huge differences.  DD1 screamed a lot of her first year.  She was a very...
Don't waste your money on a "free" seven sling.  They're not good quality at all.
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