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This is a bit late, mostly because I didn't want to talk about it, but I'm out.  Miscarried at 12 weeks about 6 weeks ago.
Just in case anyone is searching for this in the future, I told my midwife about this and she said it's a pH issue.  She encouraged me to take probiotics and rinse/douche with Bragg's ACV.  I hadn't been taking my probiotics for a while because of morning sickness, but I started again this week and I can notice a difference.  It's really amazing how important probiotics are to our health!!  Crazy.  Hopefully I'll get my taste back for fermented veggies soon.  I haven't...
I recently read this and just thought I'd throw it out there just so everyone is as informed as possible:  http://www.herbcraft.org/gse.html
I had a low lying placenta with my first pregnancy.  They found it at my 20 week ultrasound, but my the end (like 36 weeks) it had moved plenty.  So try not to worry about it right now!
Read books that help you have a positive attitude about the birth.  (I mean, it sounds like you more or less already do.)  Just get it in your mind over and over that birth is normal, the pain is okay and TEMPORARY, that you can do it, and you are safe.  Anything by Ina May, Birthing from Within.  Hypnobabies while it didn't help me have a pain free birth, really helped me to have a very positive perspective about pregnancy and labor.  It was still freaking hard, but I...
I used Hypnobabies for my first birth.  I did it religiously and got my husband involved.  It was really positive for my pregnancy--helped me stay positive and relaxed--but it didn't do anything for my labor.  You really MUST completely buy into it in order for it to work, and I am just not that kind of person.  I would still recommend it because it's helpful just to have a good attitude going into the birth, but I don't believe it works for everyone (to give them a...
Thanks for the ideas, ladies. I have switched to family cloth and am 7 weeks preggo, so no pads for a while. I managed to get significant healing with regular sitz baths and Vaseline application. It's still not completely gone, but it's greatly improved. I've just recently switched to coconut oil, just to give the Vaseline a rest.
Me too. All day nausea, but thankfully no vomiting if I remember to eat before getting out of bed. Still fighting the nausea all day, trying to eat/drink/rest. Coke chips and ice cream are the only things I want to eat. Bleck.
Laurel, I was really tired with my first.  I had a work-from-home job and I stayed in bed with my computer the first half of the day, ate lunch, napped, and then watched movies until my husband came home from work!  I don't know if it was just because I could or what.  It got better with time.    I'm feeling pretty good mentally.  I'm tired and try to lay down and nap if I can when my kids do.  This seems to really help me get through the afternoon.  I'm also having...
Thanks, ladies!  That's kind of how I was feeling and it's good to have some confirmation!
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