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I don't know where you are at but I know the CNM's around here are very busy and don't often have only one mom laboring.  My opinion is that it doesn't matter what they say.  It's your birth.  If you want a doula and think that you will benefit from one then you should have one.  I highly doubt that the CNM is going to refuse to attend your birth if you have a doula there.   
I just sent you a PM.
Is she seeing the midwives at Magee?  I do doula in the hospitals but I'm not employed by the hospitals.  I've been a doula for almost 7 years.  We're currently charging $550/birth.  If she by any chance has UPMC for You insurance there is a specific doula group that is paid by the health plan to provide doula services.
I am a doula in the Pittsburgh area.  Are you looking for home birth options for her or hospital/birth center options?  
I sent you a PM.
I am a doula and I love working at Mercy.  If you are a patient of the midwives they will still be the one's overseeing your care unless there is a complication.  The OB's I have met there have all been very nice and very respectful of the midwives and the nurses have all been great too.  I've been there about 10 times and always like going there.  The midwives are incredible.  They are who I saw when I had my second.  I hope some of that info helps.  You still go to the...
www.lotusblossombirth.com  Her name is Rachel.  There are a couple of other names that I will pm to you.
There are several great mom's groups through meetup.com  The Pittsburgh AP parenting group is awesome.
I'm up around Kittanning which isn't really that far from Springdale.  If you ever want to meet up at the Mills or something let me know.  Our schedule is kind of crazy because my son has autism and we have therapies almost every day but our afternoons are usually pretty open.
I'm in the area.  I'm about 40 minutes north of the city.
New Posts  All Forums: