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the only one I know of is in Jacksonville, we used to see her. My DH works in Palatka, but we live out in Gainesville. Anyway, look for Progressive Pediatrics.
Hi! I think your friend told me about you..I'm Meg that she knows from Amity. I agree with Ruth, join the AP group when you get here, otherwise I hope you can use the information she sent to you..Let us know when you get here so we can meet up!
He is on the NW side of town off of 43rd St across from Talbot School.
Hey mamas, Those of you moving to Gainesville (esp from NJ where I am from originally) Florida should really love it here. It's got great natural food stores, great farmers markets, lots of wonderful AP minded families, and it is just a really comfortable and happy place to live. If I had to pick a place on the east coast, it would be here. I love living here! Please PM me or Tori or Ruth when you come and we can point you in some good directions to find other like...
We just began with Dr. Benton. He was very friendly and did not bat an eye at our not vaccinating our children.
Hrm..I scored 37, but I actually do not agree that I have asperger's now after having listened to Gutstein on the Core Deficits of Autism, I just don't fit that. Quirky, geeky, introverted, yes. Asperger's, No.
Thanks Cathy...I can't recommend RDI enough, honestly..Eli was barely talking before it, and his sentences have exploded since we started. I do recommend getting a consult though even though it is so expensive. Very worth the money. The activities you do with him won't take too much of your time and are very effective when you have the right ones. Down off my high horse..decision making needs to happen soon..his teacher's last day is today. I really think he'll be better...
hey..if mine stuffed himself with broccoli I'd be so happy!! Eli still eats very much with his fingers and is oral-defensive so stuff does not stay in his mouth.. Hamsters are cute..I had them as pets as a child
Cool! Thanks for your input I'm going to talk things over with Tom. Oddly I think my 4.5 year old is actually reading. He seems somewhat obsessed with phonics lately and is just coming up with things that lead me to believe he can already read some things. I'm really not worried about the "education" part so much. He and Sophie are smart little things and they already know a lot. But I think doing a garden and cooking together would be cool. Eli is really showing an...
I'm thinking about trying it for the rest of the summer before our move to Gainesville, and just pulling him from the program he is in now. He already gets OT and ST privately, and we're doing RDI which is fantastic.. Anyone homeschooling your autistic child? If so, how's it going, what are you doing? Specifically preschool and with another preschooler at home (2.5 yr old Sophie), how do I do a "curriculum" for him that allows for his sister? Tips, links, would be...
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