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Well, mine are still pretty small, but they both have booster chairs. I am lucky that they actually enjoy doing their own belts on the chairs too. Eli still ends up pushing the seat up and banging the wall a lot though. I think I will look into that trip trapp thing.
Well, I got the Shut up about Your Perfect Kid and I'm laughing my hiney off..I love the off the wall humor!! Hoping monday I get Making Peace with Autism..has anyone else noticed that Amazon uses really huge boxes for 1 book?
Must be something in the AIR today..Eli's class were all nutso and he came home, stripped and pooped on the floor and proceeded to spread it..sigh. It's just one of those days. I am so done today, though.
wow...i totally thought you were someone i knew in GA!! so sorry! I am in Jax area of florida..I know that you have to do more here for homeschooling than you do in GA but beyond that I haven't investigated because Eli is only VPK age next fall.
Well, I only have one thing to say...if you come to Disney, STOP BY. I'm near jacksonville I have not been with Elijah yet. We florida folk can get cheap passes, but I know when things get too colorful and joyful he sort of shuts off..so I think we need to wait until he is older.
I ordered Making Peace with Autism and Shut up etc today ...can't wait I, too, am sick of the cure stuff right now. Just read an original version of Son-Rise and well, great for them. I can't relate. Eli is much older.
Some fiction that was great: The Speed of Dark by Elizabeth Moon The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Nighttime Don't remember the author of that one off the top of my head. Both books are written from the perspective of an autistic person. The top one is Science Fiction, but it was so good..the bottom one is fantastic too Taking notes on this thread!
My DS is working on it in Occupational Therapy..hand over hand is how they do it. He's yet to figure it out on his own, though he wants to!
I also dislike confrontation and will avoid it. I also dislike making phone calls and will put it off forever. I do not look people in the eye, but I am working on that. My husband has been very understanding about the phone thing and he's teaching me gently to handle some confrontation (with him). I had a lot of codepency problems in my 20s to early 30s. I am the child of an alcoholic, so it was easy to fall into that trap. Therapy helped me break the cycle, though I...
Quote: Originally Posted by feebeeglee Mine aren't viral - it's completely autoimmune. My own dumb body causes them! Well, I'd try it anyway..that GSE amazes the heck out of me.
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