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I've heard that Green will be in flashbacks too. But either way, it will be nice to see him. I cried at the season opener too. It was so emotional.
Quote: Originally Posted by PaytonPlace Anyone else watching??? I meant to watch but missed it. My thing is, if a daughter has a good relationship with her parents, father included, she should not have to look elsewhere for that love. So why would a purity ball be necessary. I would think that is something more private that putting in front of people. I've been in a church where they did this one time with one of the staff and his...
I don't know how/why they do it either. I went to a bday party the other Saturday. It was a child I didn't know, but that went to my child's school. She wanted to invite two entire classes of kids. There was the huge bouncy house, covered tables, the garage was spotless-didn't even look like a car had been in there. Half the moms looked like they had come out of a Desperate Housewife episode. High heels, designer jeans and big sunglasses. I mean, it was a 5 year...
I bought one at Walmart. I don't know the name, but it was pink with a pink, cushion insert so that it was soft on the hinny. The center came out where you could place it on the big toilet if you wanted to rather than the pink base. It also had a lid, but it was in the way so I took it off. It could later be used as a step stool. It was the only one that worked for us.
I would say no. It is illigal to buy or consume under ae 21 so I feel parents should stick to that. I would not allow a child a puff of a cigarette either.
I have not used an outside line, but I have hung stuff up inside. Not my best bet, but our dryer isn't drying well and don't want to buy a new one. I dry stuff inside and then put in the dryer for a quick round to fluff everything up. Our electricity bill has gone down!
I thought Joel's bike riding was awesome. He really "got it." He looked like he was having so much fun. That has to be a tough transition. I was much older before I had my training wheels off. And I didn't know how to stop!
Quote: Originally Posted by lucky_mia I believe they are going to preschool at their church. I remember on the episode where they went to church she said they would be going their for preschool. Now that you mention it, I do remember them saying their church was about an hour away. So the preschool being there would make sense if it is an hour away too. I wonder about the afternoon preschool. It sounds like a good idea. You still have fun...
Quote: Originally Posted by annettemarie I can't tell you how tall my kids are, how much they weigh, when exactly their last check ups were, what their vision test results are, or even, in the case of my youngest, how many months old he is. I don't think it's all that important. I make sure I remember that at each dr. visit. I feel that is important to remember as a mother.
As for the dr's office, I enjoyed watching her SIT the entire time while Jon stood. She barked orders there too. Neither one could remember the kids' last check up nor what their vision check up was. It would be easy to make a chart before you go and fill in the info. Don't most kids get a check up every year around their birthday?
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