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Hi There all- Sorry I have been MIA.  I have been reading, but not replying or updating much.  How is everyone doing?  I am finding the absence of AF to be nice, but also irritating.  DH has pretty much decided against any more children, so this is not really a great thread for me anyways.  I do always have such a kinship with this thread as I was here between DD1 and DD2 and also between DD2 and DS.  I loved the support and opinions of you ladies.   Anyways, if someone...
Lots of people put the mattress on the ground when the LO start to scoot and crawl.  We did it with DD1 and it worked out really well.  She was able to learn how to safely get off the bed pretty quickly and never fell off the bed (although, she did during a diaper change before we put the bed on the ground... ouch).  We have had each of our children in our bed from birth (still have the little 2), and have not had the bed on the ground again, but LO is always between DH...
151 sorry guys.ex
Hi All- I just got 6 cute little chicks that will eventually graduate to be our back-yard chickens!  Have not built the coop yet, but am super excited about them joining us!  We got 4 red pullets and 2 unsexed bantams (although, we won't be able to keep a rooster here in the city, so I am hoping they are both pullets.)  I have been trying to get DH on board with this for 3+ years, and finally he is!!!!   Who else has them???  Any tips for me as a newby?  I want a nice...
welcome and congrats on your little one arriving soon.
150 again.... yesterday was my bday and some serious eating over the weekend. hopefully lower next week.
Great news girlspn!  Fingers crossed for you!
You can just see how it goes. Some people need to cut out more, but some dont... are you in a big hurry? Being more drastic could be more effective but may not be necessary. Pretty vague, I know..... just depends on what your timeline is. Good luck. I took a random test today and it was a bfn. I thought I had some ovulation signs 2 weeks ago right with dtd. Guess not. How us everyobe else doing?
Good job jaxy!!!!
Glad to hear about the night weaning.  Mine didnt until I was pregnant and then I encouraged them a bit.  It was pretty easy since my milk dries up pretty quick.   DD1 was 10 lbs 5 oz DD2 was 9 lbs, 12 oz DS was 9 lbs, 6 oz   Wonder if I had another if they would be smaller too.  I gained way more with DD1 (and the least with DS), so don't know if that had a little to do with it.  I was 10 lbs, 9 oz at birth and DH was almost 10, so we knew I would grow them big!
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