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Hi there- Ds is 13 months and we are loving diaper free time now that it is warm here. Question is..... he sits in the dirt and mud and his penis gets really dirty. I have reason to believe his foreskin is no longer fused and dirt gets right inside the opening. Is this a problem? Should I just rinse him off after we are done? Thanks!
[/quote] I grow them big!!!Sorry I have been MIA lately, the kids are keeping me busy and I come on to check, but I can't reply most of the time.I have seen in the November DDC (can we say stalking????) that we have had a couple of people who got BFP from here!!! Congrats to you.No changes here... still waiting for some sign of ovulation etc.
150.... same.
Does someone want to take over for March?  I have not been super great about keeping up here.  Sorry ladies :)   Some of you should be getting to the point where you can test soon, right?   The waiting game is so hard.  It took us 3 years to have DD1 and then, we got pregnant (kinda without trying), with DD2, then had a super early loss and then it took 5 more months to get pregnant with DS.  DH and I had a talk this morning and he is saying he is done... like wants to...
Hmmmm, seems to be in the normal range, perhaps this doc thinks that is a bit small?  IDK.   I measured 2-3 weeks small most of my pregnancy with DD1, which I gained way more than my other pregnancies and to me, my belly looked way bigger.... anyways, DD1 was over 10 lbs and 21 inches.  I think as long as it is within the range....   Also, I have noticed that different providers measure differently, even from themselves, depending on the day.  
My dd (also 3.5 and potty trained from 22ish months) sometimes gets very sensitive down there too.  I think some of it has to do do with her not drinking enough water, and then I also think she is prone to yeast too.  I LOVE 'better butt(er) cream' from Northern Essence.  It is a diaper cream, but formulated for yeast problems.  If DD is feeling sore or irritated, usually I just put the cream on one time and she is much less red overnight.  It sounds like your DD may not...
So starting weight this challenge is 150 (up 2 lbs from last week????) and my goal this challenge is 145. and my ultimate goal is 135-140 (depending on how I feel and look)....  I am 5'6", so either of those are in my healthy zone!  Still nursing my 3.5 year old and my 12 month old, so I feel like I can't do anything too drastic with my diet.... makes it frustrating.     How do you nursing mama's do it?
count me in!!!     I am 5'6" and weigh 148ish (will get the first weigh in tomorrow) and my goal this time will be 145 (although, my final goal is 140).  I actually lost 5 lbs in the last challenge, so I am hoping to at least go down 3 more!
Now most of our LO are a year.... anyone thinking of trying again soon?     I know we have some that have already graduated from our group :)  Anyone else?   DH is still saying he is good with 3, but as of yet, we have not started using protection... so he must not be too stressed either way.  AF has not returned yet, so we will see what happens.
typebug- I tried to look back a bit, but didn't find anything about whether you tore or had any stitches.  I did with DD1 and felt pretty sore in that area for quite a long time... I think maybe till dd2 was born and it got a bit loosened up again... maybe you were stitched a little too much?  I have been much less sore this time (even than with DD2), but I didn't really have any tears or anything, just a few little skid marks (as they say).  I also have to say that saliva...
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