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Wow, lots going on.  Welcome all the new mamas!  Hoping your stay is very short.       girlspin- hows the 2ww going?  When do you usually start testing?  I also got pregnant while nursing 3 times (one was an early miscarriage).   fingers crossed!   I am feeling a bit sad as I was really hoping for a November baby and still no PPAF or signs of true ovulation.... I am having tons of Creamy CM, but no EW.... waiting waiting waiting.   Updated to here, let me know if I...
149... ds had a bday party and we were on vacation all last week... i am not too sad about the small increase.
Typebug- I have tried to reply to this so many times.... I couldn't do it on my phone for some reason.  I wanted to come and make sure to give you some hugs.   I found that each time I have a child, I am overwhelmed by how hard it is.  I have to say that the first rocked me so much more than the others have (although, each has been way harder than I though it would be.....)  And I am just in a perpetual state of exhaustion.  Some of that comes from co-sleeping and...
Brambleberry- SO SO good to hear from you.  They are just so precious.  Loving the smiles.  
i am so so sorry mama.
i am out of town and mobile at the time so cant update the main page. so excited for you motherofthewolf. hoping you catch that egg! question for you ladies.... i have been having som cramping and ovary sharp pains, but not tons of ewcm (some here and there, but not my normal stuff when i ovulate. ) dh and i dtd and the next morning i had the slightest amount of blood streaked cm. two dayd later, SO MUCH creamy cm. now. usually i have very tender nipples after...
I would guess day 15 based on your chart, but idk.... not clear at all. Congrats!
I noticed that it was hard to get consistent temps if I had woke up just an hour or two before taking my temp.... but there was a clear shift for ovulation when it happened. I say try it out.... then maybe try out taking when she has the early morning nursing and see which is better. good luck!
148.5!!!!! I have been so sick with the flu for over 2 weeks and am just feeling well enough to start slowly walking or something.  We celebrated DS's first birthday last week and I can't believe I have basically weighed the same as I do now for almost a year.  I lost all my pregnancy weight within a week or 2 and then was at a stand still and then went up about 3-5 lbs, which is where I was at the beginning of this challenge.  I am now lower than my PP weight!  My...
I voted NO as DS is just a year now and he has not yet been dressed up by his sisters in skirts or dresses.... I am sure that will come when they are all playing dress up.  I would be ok with it as would DH... it doesn't really matter at all to us.  He will get to choose when he is old enough to choose and we won't have a problem with him playing dress up with his sisters.
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