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my biggest symptoms with DD2 and DS were that my milk dried up.... before I even got a BFP.  I think I felt pretty sick earlier, but I can't remember if it was before AF was due.
OMG 3 lilchunklins.... I had to read over my response 3 times to catch that I said DH was nursing all the time.... how funny..... I did mean DS.... Oh my.   ;)
We just figured that it is his decision.... Why do a painful procedure if it is not needed.  He can always do it later if he wants.  
Also wanted to welcome Lockhart36.  I always have a hard time waiting once we decide we want another.  but, I agree that a vacation with MS would not be great fun.  The vacation plans sound fun though!!!!
Welcome Inlove!  Hopefully things will become clear for you guys and TTC.     Harmony- Hopefully you will be able to catch that egg next weekend!  My DH always enjoys the times where we are really trying!     3lil- I agree about the winter baby thing.  It is also hard having all the germs from the older kids around the baby.  Although, I really want a November baby, so I guess I am setting myself up for lots of germs.     So.... still waiting for some sign of...
I never nursed another baby, but I would if needed, I have no problem with it.  I would also not have a problem if for some reason I needed a trusted person to nurse my baby.  I did pump a bunch for a friend.   That being said, I was nursed by my aunt when I was a newborn.  I love hearing the story and feel extra close to that aunt.
Hey there- We used Detra for our homebirth just over a year ago.  She did bill our insurance for us, but I don't know if she is doing that now.  I think the total cost was around $3000.  We did not have care with an OB and she did all the tests we needed.  She gives a discount when you pay in full (at least she used to....)    I am still looking (not hard) for an OB... I really need to get in for my annual exam (it has been at least 3 years...)
My first two labors started by my water breaking (1st lead to an induced labor with an epidural, second one my water broke and then labor started a few hours later). 3rd labor water broke right before DS was born.  I didn't notice less pain or anything with the third labor (actually, I felt like it was more intense).  I did eat so many oranges that pregnancy and not much else changed, so I think the vitamin C thing has some truth....   Good luck!
Welcome! I dont have a gap like that, so hopefully othera will chime in. We are in Fresno.
On my back for all 3.  first in the hospital with an epidural.  Other 2 at home, my choice, although, if I were to have another, I may try squatting or kneeling.
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