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How is everyone else doing?  Overanalyzer???   Still waiting here to have any signs of anything.  DS just had his 1st birthday and instantly went from nursing 10 times a night to last night only 2 times.... I think it is a stage and wont get used to it, but enjoying it for now!
Sorry Harmony.  It is good that you had a longer LP though!   Updated to here.
Coffeebean- oh no. I am so sorry for you and your ds. Hoping for a quick recovery. Me: 149.5- I have been really sick with no appetite for 10 days, so I am not sure what will weigh in at next week. I have not worked out in those 10 days either. I am going to try to start again today (very easy today)
how has life changed for you in 1 year?   Well, Liam is 1 year old today.  He is just such a cute, energetic, loving little boy.  I love having 3 kids, but it is a little harder than I thought.  I had a SUPER hard time with the transition from 1-2 and I thought 2-3 was going to be a piece of cake compared to that (everyone says so.....) and while it was easier, and I didn't have PPD as bad this time, it was still so hard.  It is also so wonderful.  The girls love Liam so...
DS is 1 today.  Here he is!   20 lbs, 6 oz  and 31 inches tall   He he is at birth: 9 lbs, 5 oz, 20.5 inches long   Love this boy!
Don't have personal experience, but I have a friend who has a sister who had implants and was able to nurse her son for at least 6 months-1 year.  I don't have any other details, but wanted to give you some hope!
Darn.... DS is just going to be 1 and will be RFing for a while.  I like that the girls can help keep an eye on him for me.  It really irritates me that there is only 2 tethers in the 3rd row and they are right next to each other.... arghhh.   Can anyone think of any other options?   Thanks
Dia- he is so cute.  he has changed so much!
Updated to here!   Welcome 3lilchunklins and motherofthewolf.     How is the waiting going Harmony?  Did AF arrive or are you still waiting overanalyzer?   I did temp before and after DD1, and after DD2.  I have no signs fertility is returning, so I am not temping yet.  It stresses me out, so I am not going to do it.
so sorry for your loss.
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