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Hi there- I have 3 LO.  DS is RFing in middle row captains chair, DD2 (3.5 years) is RFing in the other captains chair middle row.  DD1 is FF in the 3rd row, far right.  I DD2s carseat is about to expire and I want to get a Britax frontier and put her in the 3rd row with DD1.  The problem with that is there is only 2 tethers in the 3rd row, one behind DD1 and 1 right next to her in the middle seat position.  I am not really wanting the two girls to be right next to each...
I love Inga Helene!  I would have never thought of it, but it is beautiful. 
not an expert, but I would say the 28th (CD 27).  
Welcome!  Glad to see some dads on here too!
Yeah, it took a little while for my lp to lengthen after both my girls too.  I am hoping to catch the first PP egg if DH is ok with that.  I don't know if my LP will support pregnancy though as it seems to be less than 10 for the first few months.  I am sitting here at just about 12 months PP and having some signs of something happening, but I don't know how close we are.
Harmony- when did af return for you?  Have you tried b vitamins to lengthen your lp?
I remember when I was pregnant with DD2 and wanting to keep my supply up that someone had told me mother's milk tea was no good.  Causes contractions?  There is a tincture called more milk 2 that is good for pregnant ladies.  I found it at whole foods.  I didnt notice a big difference though.
I was either almost 15 or right after my birthday when I had turned 15.  
150- while I am happy to see this, I have been sick this week and didn't work out Wed-today.... don't know if I can do anytihg today either.  Had the flu and couldn't move for 2 days.  I will see how it looks next week.  Hopefully I can keep the loss and start exercising again soon.
We used to vaccinate our animals, that was until one of our dogs had an anaphylatic reaction to one.  She was very close to dying and the vet recommended against any in the future.  
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