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Trying this thread out to see if there are any active mamas in Monterey.   We lived there for college, and a few years after, and are thinking of moving back.     We are a homeschooling family and have not been able to find out much info on homeschooling in the area.   I have 2 girls (5.5, 3.5) and a little boy (almost 1)
My boy is only 11 months, so have not had this yet.... but, my dds, often are naked in the back yard and will pee outside if they want to.  I am ok with them doing it... DD will be 6 this year and still have no plans to stop her.
My water with DD1 and DD2 started before labor.  With DD1, it was a slow leak and confirmed at doc... leading to induction... poo.   DD2, I was nursing DD1 for a nap and pop... there it goes, labor started very slowly after that and I had a successful (and quick) homebirth.   DS water broke one contraction before he was born..... it was while I was pushing and it was instant relief.  
Hi all- We are currently in Fresno, CA and are enrolled in an awesome home school charter with great enrichment classes and complete flexibility with curriculum.  I have been very happy so far.  We are considering moving to Monterey area and found the Big Sur charter.  I spoke with them today and it seems nice.  Wanting any personal experiences though. Supposedly, they have 3 hours of classes 2 days a week and field trips every friday.  The enrichment classes are a drop...
sorry teles, hugs 
152.5..... sorry guys. I dont know how I fluctuate so much week to week.
Just over an hour with DD1.  She was born posterior, although i didn't feel like like I had was back labor.  I had an epidural for the last 20 minutes of labor and for the pushing (and pitocin for the entire labor) and was pushing on my back.  I think it would have taken longer, but the doctor stretched and tore me to the point of a 2nd degree tear (with her hands, since I refused an episiotomy).  She was also 10 lbs, 5 oz, so lots of baby to push out.     DD2 was about...
150.5 So surprised about that. I ate terribly sat and sunday, but exercised 5 days but 7 times last week. Started T25 this week. It is great. I am interested in seeing how it goes this week.
Thanks so much ladies!  I should have added a bit more info...   We are THINKING of buying a truck and a camper and one of these Chevy's are on craigslist for super cheap, but it is an hour away, so I didn't want to go look at it if there was no possibility to have 3 car seats in it.  I will check again since it sounds like it could work!   Thanks
Thanks!  He tried lentils tonight and seemed to like them.  I will have him try fish this week when we eat it.   I didn't have GD with any of my kids, I just grow really big babies.  I actually only gained 15 lbs when I was pregnant with DS (actually more like 20, but I gave up grains and sugars the last month to avoid GBS and I lost 5 lbs).  I know our doc said something about babies finding their own curve, especially if they are not meant to be huge, but are born...
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