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Think I'm done with MDC, too. I have always hated these threads and trying to keep up with them. If anyone needs to reach my, myspace or our yahoo group. Later.
I really like Josiah.
Grape juice is good, too. Anne. Take it easy! You JUST had a baby, woman!!
Sleep. Eh. Bout the same here. Red cheek and dry skin. Cold, dry weather? Try some lanolin or something before bed??
Hydrogen Peroxide Poor thing.
Is her seat still as reclined as when she was an infant? She can be more upright now. The 45degrees is just the maximum recline, and more for newborns and infants. My dd used to scream in the car all the time, too. Now, at 21 months she doesn't mind as much. She is more upright, but I think it's more an ages/stages thing. I hope anyway, because I sure don't miss the screaming. Nursing while a car is moving is not very safe at all. In a crash, you would likely...
That cat site is like... wayyyyy funnier after a few hornsby's. Typing is harder though.
It says M1L and M1R and gives directions for doing so. After the directions for placing markers.
Hey, what is the other cat site. The one with the captions on the pictures.
Quote: so its actually a gain of 3 lbs and 14 lbs in 8 weeks!!!! 17 pounds!! Wow!
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