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Congrats! He is beautiful. You got a labor like I am used to and mine was long and hard compared to my others. That is so cool that you sent me labor vibes yesterday afternoon and said you were jealous, and ended up beating me by half an hour. This baby having biz is so unpredictable. I am happy for you!
Adella Rose was born this morning at 2:22 am. She is 21.5 inches long and 8 lbs even. She was born at home. It was by far my longest and hardest delivery, but I guess I have been pretty lucky thus far. Everything still went well and I am so grateful for my beautiful baby girl. More details to follow... I'm still pretty beat. Thanks for all the good labor vibes! I'm so glad to be done.:
Congrats Katie! We were laboring at the same time, but you beat me by quite a bit. So glad all went well. She is beautiful!
My midwife just got here. I am 5 and a half dialated and 100% effaced and have a bulging bag! I'm going to take a nice shower! My hubby is on his way home but my parents are keeping all the kids. I'm so excited!
Well, I think this could be it! Been having contrax it seems for days, but really picked up this last hour. I HOPE HOPE HOPE it isn't another false alarm. You'd think with baby #5 I'd know what to expect, but I have never had labor start without my water breaking before contrax started, so I really don't know what to expect. Today is DH's birthday, and he and all our kids went over to my parents for a family party, so I am home alone, which is great for now.
SOOOO excited for you Katie. I hope your DH gets to call soon. 7 cm! Definitely labor now! No more guessing games!
Congrats and thank you for sharing your birth story! It sounded wonderful. I'm so glad for your vbac.
congrats! He is so cute.
I have been crampy and had some whopper contractions today, but nothing that seems to be progressing. It's just been on again off again for days. It hurts to walk. Today is DH's bday. He went to my parents with all the kids and I decided to stay home alone. Just not up to socializing and watching the kids over there physically or mentally. I hope things are picking up more for you Katie! Sending good labor vibes to all of us who just don't think they can...
Oooooh, How exciting! Best wishes! Okay, who wants to go next??? Pick me!
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