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Quote: Originally Posted by Trish101 I second the recommendation for Northern Sun, although it does get expensive paying out of pocket. We saw Dr. Willette, but she's leaving and I've only briefly talked with her replacement. I can't remember the new doctor's name, but she seemed very nice. She's also a midwife, so she's used to kids from what Dr. Willette said. Trisha I'm sorry to hear that Dr. Willette is leaving the office.
We love Dr. Sarah at Northern Sun, wished would could afford the out of pocket expense. Our family goes to Parkview Family Health, Dr. Rand is accepting new pediatric patients only, but Dr. Linville is accepting all new patients so you could transfer your family's care if need be. Dr. Rand has been Anna's provider since she was 2 months old. We did do selected/delayed immunizations. It took me 2 years to make the decision and on day 1 with Dr. Rand I told her I wasn't...
I could not imagine a provider saying that to me I hope you find another provider that accepts your family choices whatever they may be.
Old Orchard Beach is always a fun place to visit. I'm LOVE Boothbay Harbor, Damariscotta, and Pemaquid Point in terms of coast line. Have a fantastic visit to Maine
I live in Wiscasset and haven't heard or read anything about road work. I just checked the Maine DOT website and there isn't any planned project in the Wiscasset area listed. You could try and give them a call or shoot them an email to inquire. We love the Wiscasset Community Playground
You can tell your provider that you do not want to participate in the vaccine registry. It's not mandatory that all practices use Immpact so it's not mandatory that all patients are recorded, as of March 2008 only 40% of Pediatric Providers were using it. I bring my children to a family practice (they also voluntarily participate) but I just asked my FP not to report our statistics to the state she was OK with my verbal request.
She is absolutely beautiful and sounds like she's growing wonderfully. I love the pictures of what looks like little smiles, I think there were two of em' :heart
I just wanted to mention this adorable park in Boothbay Harbor we went to last week, it's called Barrett's Park, google it for exact directions. There are 4 small beaches, the one on the RH side go during low tide, it's sea glass ally.
We live in the Midcoast and try and camp every other weekend. We take a 2 week trip at the end of July in Maine's Public Reserved Lands, every year we pick a different region, that has been a trip. Our favorite campgrounds for weekend camping are as follows And not in any particular order. http://www.meadowbrookme.com/ - has a pool, playground and is 10 minutes away from the ocean. http://www.lakepemaquid.com/ - we probably hit this campground the most, it's only...
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