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Samstress - The front page/top post looks great! I only wish I could be even half as organized as you appear to be I am never very good at personals, but I do like to lurk and follow people! Hopefully no one minds if my posts are a bit sporadic. Tracy
I have not been exposed to toxoplasmosis despite having had cats all my life (mostly indoor cats, but growing up we had an indoor/outdoor cat and have taken in strays). I have been the sole litter changer in our home and have no worries. If you have indoor cats, it really shouldn't be a worry at all. If they are outdoor cats, just scoop frequently and wash your hands...if the cat were indeed a carrier, I believe is takes at least 24 hours after the feces has been...
Wishing you luck! Hope it is quick and painless Tracy
I went from feeling very little to feeling a lot and big kicks and jabs visible from the outside all at once....all around 19 weeks. It is such an awesome feeling! With DD, I felt her more and more often earlier, but not the big movements. I think I was further along before I could see the outside movements. Tracy
Thinking of you....hope the amnio goes quickly and gives you great results. Tracy
I have been having them since about 16 weeks (never had them, at least not noticeably with DD until about a week before she was born). Sometimes they are uncomfortable. There doesn't seem to be any rhyme or reason to them though, they just happen sporadically throughout the day. I mentioned it to my doc and she was not concerned. I do find it pretty useful for accurately measuring where my uterus is at though! Tracy
I would like to join! I am and will be 37 when this one arrives. DH will be 40. We are expecting a baby girl, due 1/6/11, but if I go with a RCS she will likely come in late December (undecided on VBAC or CS due to medical issues and my own anxieties due to several losses). I have an almost 4 year old DD who right now is thrilled about being a big sister....I have a feeling she might be a bit surprised once the next one comes along though. Nice to see other...
Thanks for the tip. I have always wanted to try some of their products, but they have been too expensive....this made it possible! thanks again, Tracy
DD will be 4 in a month. She is 42 inches and 38-39 pounds. She has grown 2 inches in the past 4 months, so at 3.5, she was 40 inches and 38 pounds. She has always been tall! Tracy
Sorry I don't know of any articles that pertain to your exact question, but my understanding of several of the blood clotting disorders is similar to what you have stated....I would guess that any of the genetic issues the predispose ones to clotting could be assessed regardless of pregnancy status. I browse another bulletin board/site that has a group of ladies who are all heparin/lmwh's for their pregnancy....most due to identified blood clotting disorders or history...
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