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Hi, If you like old stuff. How about the Staple Singers . Maria Muldaur has some gospel songs and Elvis has a gospel album.
OK, then you have to rise above the drama. Emotionally distance yourself from anything anyone has to say. Tune out all the drama. You have to not care what your family thinks of you. Adhere to your own agenda. Do not feel guilty about not doing or being what they want. There is a real healing power when you realize it's their problem, not yours. REfuse to buy into their opinions about you, and do not engage them in debates or try to defend the things you do. Let it...
I would wait awhile before going back. You need time to heal before putting yourself in a emotionally harmful situation. When you are strong enough to not get emotional or hurt by your mothers actions and words, then you can go. Until then it will only be like pulling a scab off of a not yet healed wound. You cannot change her, only your reaction to her.
In my experience, tooth grinding and bed wetting is because of food allergies. Dairy and wheat most commonly. Just try going without dairy and wheat for a couple of weeks and see if it helps. Oh and sugar.
First, do an enema and clean out your colon. Second, I think you have an allergy to some food you are eating. Give up dairy, grains, sugar, caffiene, diet sodas... then see how things work. Also I have found that eating spinach, or pumpkin seeds or pumpkin gets everything moving easily.
Your welcome!
Mold compromises your immune system so you are likely to catch everything that comes around. An air purifier could help, plus making sure there are no water leaks or standing water in the basement. Also a dehumidifier. Build up your immune system with vit. c
Wow, Peainthepod, that was a eye opening article! Thanks.
Check for mold in your house or environment.
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