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As a hairdresesr, I have a few thoughts!   How often are you shampooing? My first thought would be the longer you can go between the better, so the natural oils can build up. (When I say not shampooing, I mean don't even get it wet on your days off. They do make some pretty cute shower caps )    Another gentle option would be using coconut oil on the scalp as an intense moisturizer. Try working some into your scalp at night, sleep on it (Throw an old pillow case...
The Heifer Int. newsletter had a graph in it last time it came about the average house size in the U.S. compared to the average house England, France, etc. I couldn't find the same graph, but this article sums up the insanity pretty well I think! http://www.npr.org/templates/story/story.php?storyId=5525283 (The part where they mention 3 playrooms for 2 children makes me sick and breaks my heart all at once...)
I love Adelle, and I worked with a girl named Accala and I thought her name was lovely. (Plus she was one of the nicest people I've ever known, which always helps!)
One of my dear friends has a nine month old son who is intact. (Hooray!) We were talking the other day, and she said that intact boys don't pee and spray during diaper changes like circd guys do. I had never heard that before and was just curious-fact or fiction? Thanks!
I have seen clips as well-doesn't the dolls name translate to "baby glutton?" In all seriousness though, what IS the big deal with a little girl pretending to nurse her dolls? I remember pretending that way with my dolls as a child, simply because that was how the babies I knew ate. I bet I would have loved a baby doll like that! I wonder how people are reacting elsewhere in the world where breastfeeding is much more accepted? I agree with PP, I find it WAY more...
Blu Razzberri has a really great email, if you PM here she will send it to you. It is something you could pretty much just forward to your sister, or you could pick and choose what you wanted to pass on too.
Good for you for being brave! ETA: And informative. I just mean its brave to tell people when you don't know how they will respond
My favorite part- "I reject circumcision because I was involved. Because I got involved. Because someone needs to be involved. Because children are involved." The whole thing is beautiful, I got a little choked up.:
http://www.circumstitions.com/FGMvsMGM.html I like this one a lot.
If it were my little man and he had a mild case of hypospadias with no chordee, I would skip it. Trust your gut
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