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I have been going bra-free for about a year now, and I love it!  I don't even know what size I am anymore (in the last year I've gained about 40 much-needed pounds--not all fat, but the fat I did gain seems to have gone to my butt and boobs LOL) but I used to be a 36C-34D.  So maybe a 36D now?  But, I love not wearing a bra!!!  SO much more comfortable--I've always HATED bras!--and my breasts actually are shaped better and are more perky now than they were when I did...
I actually do have a diagnosis of MS, which is an autoimmune disease.  I'll start looking for a naturopathic doctor that could maybe write me an exemption.  Thank you for the ideas everyone!  
Its for work--and unfortunetly I don't think there is any way of getting around it...I work in healthcare.  Right now they let us use religious reasons to not get it, but not next year.
I was wondering if anyone knows how to get out of getting a mandatory flu shot?   I am trying to think of a way to forge something saying that I got one... does anyone know what somewhere like Walgreens or any drugstore gives you after you get one?  Like as for paperwork? Thanks!
I am looking for a source for raw goats milk.  I live in Kaukauna, so anywhere in this general area would work.  I would REALLY REALLY appriciate it if someone knows or has any ideas of farms I could contact!  I wouln't need too much (maybe a gallon or two a week) so if its just a small family operation thats fine.  I get cows milk right now in New Holstien, but goats milk agrees with me better. Thanks! :-)
I just found out that next year my job is making flu shots mandatory.  I am a nurse and work at a nursing home...I'd like to get a different job but its just not feasable at this time. :-(  Anyone know of any way to get around it?  We used to be able to use religion as a reason, but I don't think we can anymore.
I was doing the GAPS diet, starting a few months ago, and coming from a TF/Paleo diet background of a few years.   I think I am one of the people who is a little sensitive to the bone broth...I did have to do low FODMAPs for a week or so to help clear up some bloating-after-eating issues, and cutting out bone broth did seem to help, too.  Now I can tolerate pretty much any fruits and veggies; however I have found that fruits are best eaten first thing in the morning...
I have been thinking of trying a wood boar bristle toothbrush.  I just don't like the idea of sticking plastic in my mouth every day, twice a day, when I try to avoid it in all other things.  I know its only for a minute or two, but there is that vein under your tongue that is supposed to absorb things straight into your bloodstream (i.e. sublingual medications...)   Plus, I was thinking you could just boil it breifly to steralize it, and it wouldn't melt like plastic!...
I have two large amalgam fillings in my two back lower left molars.  I'd like to get them removed before my husband and I are ready to have kids (probably within a couple years).  I also have multiple sclerosis, and am having some weird "cold" sensations on the left side of my face/mouth off and on right now...not sure if its related? =(   Does anyone know of any good dentists near the Green Bay area in Wisconsin that do proper amalgam removal?  What exactly should I...
  I know that Thorne brand supplements don't have any fillers or magnesium stearate--I used to use their Betaine HCL.  Also, I like Dr. Rons--they have a good selection, and they are all very pure as well.  Hope that helps!
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