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I used to do this. Now I favor places that use local/sustainable products, wild cought fish, etc. I still often eat veg in restaurants because of the same reasons you posted! But my area has a ton of great restaurants that serve pastured, local meat options so we go there mainly.
The other thread is too long! I'm on a nesting/freezer cooking kick, and would love to share recipes and tips. What are you putting up right now? Yesterday I made an extra traditional foods meatloaf when I made dinner. I stashed 2 single meal portions and two family dinner portions that are baked, sliced, frozen and wrapped. I used the parchment/foil then put them into gladware. Today I'm making sloppy Joe mixture, and freezing it in jars. I make it with some lentils...
Wow, congrats! That is amazing!!!
I sympathize, we're going through the same thing!!! EEEK! I am also deeling with it poorly on the emotional end. It makes me feel dirty, effects my sleep and is embarassing! :/ WE're doing the snap traps as well.
Can your hubby take on some chores for you? Maybe breakfast or lunch prep, or possibly grocery shopping (with at least 1 kid along). It sounds like just a few small changes would really help you. Also, child-swapping! Find some like-minded pals and trade for some FREE free time ;)
half days off are a good idea if possible. :) stock up on paper plates and utensils now. Get organized with lists of MUST do items for DH each night. Stock your freezer starting NOW! Breakfast/lunch items and dinners. make a grocery list template with the things you'll need weekly for snacks, sandwiches etc so DH can go 1x per week  
my midwife "requires" it and I'm still refusing.    
great research here:     www.uspreventiveservicestaskforce.org/uspst08/gestdiab/gdrs.htm#ref19
Ladies, your beads are so beautiful! I can feel the good energy in them and have enjoyed opening all the packages, just waiting on a few more to begin stringing! Doula mama to my nursing toddler Noah
I'll try to make them adjustable, it depends on the hole sizes of the beads if that will be possible, but I hope so! :) I've recieved from 17 mamas so far, so stringing should start soon as I get all thebeads! woohoo!
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