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Yes. And no. You have to test to see. In small amount of course. As far as the dairy, try consuming some raw goats milk kefir first.
Quote: Originally Posted by gen24 I am 9 weeks pregnant and just found out my baby has no heartbeat My midwife said it would be better if I have a natural m/c and not a D&C. She said to just wait for the baby to come out. But I am so bad at waiting...it's only been 4 days and I can't stand it. What can I do? I heard Kombucha increases your chances of m/c so I've been drinking some. Anything else? Thank you I highly doubt that Kombucha really...
Quote: Originally Posted by Mommyintraining2 Nice suggestions! Heatherathome: Thank you for helping me see it from the mailman's perspective. So I hadn't thought of making our own mailbox. How would I go about making a locking one that the mailman can get into? You leave it unlocked between packages, and then he can lock it when he leaves a package.
Do get your husband started drinking Kombucha. Naturally, the evidence is anecdotal, but many patients have seen their cancer reverse upon making Kombucha a daily drink. No promises of course, but if you do not try, you will never know We have seen this happen with a close friend.
In rural (not remote) Alaska, it is common to use a 50 gallon drum for packages They hang right next to the standard boxes. Maybe you can find one that is smaller with a removable lid. Put a hinge and a locking clasp on it, that the mailman can use when he drops a package off.
The very best yarn I have ever used for socks, was Alpaca. It is light, never scratchy, and very warm. And it washes well in the machine. Then you just lay flat to dry. Granted, it is on the spendier side, but its superior warmth and longevity make it worth it.
I second making your own. They make up fast. One thing though, if you do. Always make both at the same time. THat way they will be indentical. Here is a post of my mothers, on a pair she is making right now. http://seedsofnutrition.com/?p=2940
Are you close to me? If not, maybe a mama on here knows of another close to you. Are you needing help? Pm me if you like, and I will do what I can.
OK! Dh told me the CRAZIEST story late last night while we were processing bunnies. Many years ago, he worked for a handyman service. They got a call to go to a house in Anchorage that was having issues with toilet and sewer seepage in the daughters room. Now, I must preface this by telling you, that there was a certain time period in Anchorage, years ago, where a builder or two, built a number of houses over a swamp. They did not even add all that much fill. Hence...
Quote: Originally Posted by annethcz Most sources I've read recommed pumping a septic tank every 2-3 years. Doesn't sound unusual to me... It is rec. every 2-3 years, but in our case, there is no way we completely packed a 1,000 gallon tank full. Growing up in a large family, I don't think we even had ours done more then every 5 years. Its all in how you use it. For us its just human waste and grey water that goes in, and a little bit of...
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