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If you live anywhere near the Eastern Panhandle or even in Virginia, Mayland, Washington DC or lower Pennsylvania, would you mind contacting me? I am writing an article about yurt living and have a lot of questions!
I am driving across the US to Vancouver next week so you bet I am excited by the new gas prices.
I tend to boycott events my children are not welcome at. I don't begrudge people who don't want them there but I don't have to go either. Last summer my husband's cousin got married. We were invited to the wedding and knew they wouldn't want our older two there so we arrange a family member to watch them. But we were also going to have a six week old at the time so when I sent in the acceptance I noted I would have a six-week-old nursing babe. I had checked every single...
My water broke just as I was pushing for all three of my children's births (#2 was actually born in the caul, we broke the back of waters after she was out). All three were short and "easy" labours.
today I have one simple kitchen goal: clear and clean the microwave!
nak yesterday was a beautiful day! all the windows were open and we washed all the walls and tackled the kitchen as our April room challenge. I also vacuumed and cleaned our living room furniture.
Yes we talk several times a day. If he has left early in the morning before I wake up, I call him when I am up to see how his morning is going. Sometimes we call to tell the other person something or ask a question. Othertimes, we are just calling to say hi. We never email though.
Today we: washed the walls and the outside of the cabinets, cleaned the cabinet under the sink, moved the stove and cleaned behind it and washed the outside of the appliances. DH also took the boxes of storage that had been sitting there out to the garage, so yay!
I don't understand a lot of these responses. I mean, if your in-laws are toxic, then you should have no responsibility to them nor should you strive for some relationship with them but in a normal average relationship why shouldn't you have some responsibility? I married my partner and with him comes his family. His family is my family. My family is his family. I have almost as much responsibility to his family as I do mine and vice versa. I don't see how this is...
So kitchen? TOmorrow we are washing the outside of the cabinets and the walls. That is HUGE... totally needs to be done!
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