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Thanks girls!
My life was changed forever on 12/27/2007 when I found out that I was pregnant with my second child. The following months brought changes and decisions that would exponentially grow me as a person and a mother. My life took a final and wonderful bend in the road during the journey that would bring our sweet Henry Patrick to us, on September 9 2009. My first child, our little love, Colin, was born via C section in 2007. And while his birth was uneventful and my recovery...
Bruises and bumps on knees are the signs of a healthy child. My son had a black eye last weekend and we don't even know how he got it if it makes you feel better. It was alarming to us, but just another sign of how active they are. Whatever happened, happened at the beach and he never cried. Good for you for letting her explore her surroundings and practive autonomy.
Hi, I'm looking for a non vaxing or selective vaxing pediatrician in the Pasco/New Tampa area. Any one have any suggestions? Thanks!
I just moved to Pasco myself, welcome!
Hi We just moved to Wesley Chapel/Tampa area and we are looking for a pediatrician who will delay vaccinations or not vaccinate at all. We have a 20 month old and I am due with baby #2 in early September. Does anyone have any recommendations? I called Dr. Berger's office and I just don't think I can afford his fees with two kids. Thanks!
I just wanted to offer some encouragement, you can do this! And good for you for being a pioneer Mama in doing what you know is best for your child, your future and yourself.
We tried Tredz, but they didn't fit my chunky baby's one year old feet, and still don't! (He's 19 months now),. We have had great success with Rileyroos though! Love them! Tough for outside but still a new walker shoe.
I hope this means that you have a baby by now! Aren't contractions such a good feeling of progress after 2 c/s? Good luck!
Wow, that is very frightening.
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