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Quote: Originally Posted by lotus.blossom Samantha- I think 1500 is way too low if you are also nursing. Babyfit.com has me at 2060-2360 calories since I am nursing. When not nursing I can lose weight eating 1800 calories a day (and working out at a high intensity 30m a day) I'm finding it hard to eat that many calories though. I've found that around 1500 cals is a good number for me. Although I haven't counted in a long time, so I could be...
Personally, I think it's nice to have one "just in case." I didn't get one till 3 months but I like to have a bottle in the fridge in case of emergencies or something unexpected that comes up. It just makes me feel better knowing I have milk for him in case I'm out and can't get home for whatever reason.
Quote: Originally Posted by Nolansmum I'm in! Pre-pregnancy: 125 PG: 160 Goal: 125 3 weeks pp:138 I am walking several times a week and am getting the itch to run. But I really need new shoes and a good running bra to fit my H+cup size. I also have to pump before I run so I don't get sore . I hope DD settles into a feeding schedule that gives me some more time, she snacks all the time and its hard to get out of the house! I'm doing some ab...
I'm totally in. OP- my stats are almost identical to yours. I was 135 pre pregnancy and around 170ish end of pregnancy. I'm 3 months pp and I'm at 140. My goal is 130!! I need to start tracking calories! I have used fit day in the past, but I will check out the other sites that ya'll mentioned! Just curious, how many calories are you guys aiming for? I'm shooting for around 1500.
lifted weights!
are you going to work still? How will you give your baby breast milk if you're working and not pumping?
oh my gosh! I'm new to pumping and my nipples are killing me. Anyways, I just pumped both breast for 12 minutes and got FOUR ounces on my left boob and ONE ounce on my right!! And here I thought I wasn't producing enough milk! He mainly eats off my left boob- more milk, easier, more comfortable, better nipple.. but I'd like to get the right one producing more so I can pump better, and so I'm not lopsided anymore. Would it work to not pump the left one for a while and...
Quote: Originally Posted by MyTwoAs I think 10k pageviews per month is kind of high. I'm nowhere near that on my personal blog but I make several thousand $ per month between my personal blogs and my writing for other blogs so I wouldn't consider myself a newbie. Jealous! tell me your secrets! Just kidding..
I think 10K views is VERY high I wish!
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