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Quote: Originally Posted by momct I would leave the doors on .I think it will just look jumbled and like your cabinet doors are missing.If you arrange things artistically ,you are going to lose functionality.Do you have the doors for the cabinet over the microwave?If so I would rehang them, or you could hang curtains on tension rods to enclose the space.The cabinets could be refaced and new doors installed when you had the time and money. In the meantime...
thanks everyone! I'm actually really surprised to hear you say keep them on! Everyone else I've talked to has said to get those ugly guys OFF! Thanks for your input!
hmm I had never really thought/worried about dust getting on them. I know tons of people that have open cabinets and eat off those dishes, so I'm not too worried about it. I'm playing around with the layout of the dishes.. I have a lot! Especially in that far left space above the microwave, I think it's pretty cluttered so I'm thinking about moving some of those pieces, maybe putting the cookbooks in there somehow too so they're not on top of the microwave?! Anyone...
Do you have any shelves in there?
Hi mamas! I would love your input on this. http://i307.photobucket.com/albums/n...IMG_4202-1.jpg Here is our kitchen.. I love the space itself and I love the countertops, but as you can see the cabinet doors are hideous! We could paint them but it would require a LOT of work (they are not typical wood) and paint and right now we don't have the time/money for it. So, I figure my best option might be to take the doors off. We have bright, fun fiesta wear dishes which...
I cannot for the life of me decide what to do with our bedroom. We just moved into our house 7 months ago and I haven't done anything to it. All I need is some paint and some things on teh wall but I can't decide WHAT! I'd love to see pictures or your ideas.. We have a king bed. Dark wood (cherry like) bed frame dark wood nightstands dark wood bookshelf Comforter on bed is white- I need pillows to add color to it It's a pretty big room. Two huge walls that...
Where are you storing your papers for this? I am trying to get organized in just that department! ha! I originally downloaded each day on one page but I'm thinking of buying the other one where it is one week on one sheet.... I know some of you use spiral notebooks, but that seems too big for me. I guess I could just have the sheet individually? Any ideas?
I love the coloring pictures idea!! LOVE that. I might copy that some day. It looks great with the white frames too- and I love the paint colors you choose!
I spent hours last night reading about these. I would love to see links/pictures if anyone uses these and what you find most helpful. I mainly would love to have something to keep track of daily meals and cleaning. Would love your thoughts!
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