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Quote: Originally Posted by maplesugar I grew up in Anchorage and lived there most of my adult life. Thankfully, I recently made my escape. I left the state, actually, but if I had to go back (please, no), I would avoid Anchorage at all costs. Reasons: high crime rate: I think Anchorage has more per capita murders than Detroit most years; military bases: it is very common to hear jets overhead, helicopter as well; public transportation, while...
Quote: Originally Posted by 1stimestar Keep in mind too that at the age of your baby, interacting with other little kids is not that beneficial. They don't develop the ability to learn sharing etc. until about the age of three no matter who they are exposed to. Interacting with other little kids is SO beneficial!! It doesn't matter the age, kids are learning and absorbing everything. My son is 9 months and he loves kids his age and older. He...
I totally forgot I started this thread! Thank you for all the great tips! We are in Anchorage.. got here about 3 weeks ago. So far we love and it we think we got a house (townhouse) today! We put an offer on 2 other places and none of them worked out. This was the 3rd and our offer got accpeted, so hopefully everything falls in to place! So far we like it. I blog about it quite a bit on my blog- mamanotes.com. We ARE looking for a Church! I also still need to...
I just moved to Anchorage 3 weeks ago so I get to join ya'll in this chat now!!! Our wed. anniversary was the 10th!
Is near the airport a good or bad place to live? The school is O'Malley school which is in south anchorage.
My husband got a job teaching in Achorage school district so we are moving.. in 3 weeks! I am excited and nervous as I know NOTHING about Alaska except that it is 26 degrees right now! We will be moving in/near/around the Anchorage school district. Any ideas, tips information from anyone who lives there would be MUCH appreciated! We have lived in oregon our entire lives, so this is a HUGE change for us! I need to find a gym, doctor, grocery store, house, etc.. all...
Has anyone done this? What has been your experience? If I can find a car rental that has safe good seats I think i would much rather do that then bring my huge britax!
I just looked- I like it! Very "fresh" easy to read looks great!
I have no ideas for you, I wish I did! I could never come up with a good one for my blog, so finally I just stopped and left it as "Mama Notes" with no tag line. I'm really not creative in this department!
Thinking about moving there- can you give me the run down? THANK YOU!!!
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