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We've also thought about moving to Colorado because we think we would like it- but I've heard the houses are really expensive in Boulder. What about For Collins? Or other areas of Colorado? How are there house prices/rent prices?
This episode was a no brainer. Obviously she was getting rid of Wes.. finally!! Gosh, what a horrible guy! My DH and I were talking about him and i was like, "why would he do this and act so stupid? Obviously we all know how much we hate him and how much to NOT buy his music." ANd my husband said, " any publicity is good publicity" which is a good point. I guess he just wanted to make himself known not necessarily make himself liked.. or something? I was very shocked...
great idea! Mine is www.twitter.com/MamaNotes
wow, I'm SHOCKED that Jake is gone. He is a sweetheart. I love Michael- he is so sweet and nice, but I don't think he will last past the next ceremony.
You're not the only one!!
Now I'm very curious to know why you don't have running water. Please write more..
Quote: Originally Posted by paxye I read her once when she described making her baby CIO in detail... never went back, never will... seriously? Oh no, I'm so glad I haven't read that post.
Does anyone run with their kid(s)? I just started running this week... what a workout!
Oh no! Sorry that happened. I'd get your babe out of there ASAP, good luck!
My 3 month old still does this sometimes. Sometimes I worry about him not being able to make eye contact or something, but then he'll stare at me for 30 minutes after nursing or while we're playing later or something. I think like other people said, there's just so much to see in the world! don't worry mama
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