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Alright, I added a border to the header. What do you think? I still need to move everything up so there's not as much white space but I can't figure it out. I also changed the colors AGAIN. I can't decide. I decided brown was UGLY! Why did no one tell me? Do you like the colors now? ohhhhh boy.
Quote: Originally Posted by Krystal323 now why didn't i think of that--thanks!! Otherwise Quite Good pretty much sums up my life. Bad stuff happens, good stuff happens, there is definitely a shaky balance (or equipoise! ), but it's otherwise quite good. It's the right amount of quirky and un-serious : i will post a linky for it when i finally get a chance to write more! I'm horrible with coming up with titles, wish I could help...
It's adorable!! The only thing I noticed is that when you scroll down there is the white hand column on the right, but nothing else. Maybe that will change when you have more post though? Overall it looks great!
Sending a million hugs your way!!
Believe it or not, most people think that's healthy. And it is compared to some who send their kids with chips and twinkies!
Quote: Originally Posted by onetruething Before I put more up, I wanted to touch base. We bumped the reviews up to 4 per week because previously the request was that we move through the list more quickly. Has this been working, or would you like to scale back to say, 2 per week, and see if that is more helpful? I think 2 per week might be better.
looking forward to reading these tips!!
I really like Jake, kiypton (although I agree, what a horrible name!) and one of the younger guys.. I can't remember his name. I thought it was sad how she was telling jake to be himself, and he WAS himself! Poor guy.
Quote: Originally Posted by snowbunny If it's alright with everyone, I'll start pairing people up at the end of this week. PM me with suggestions, comments or preferences. I sill don't understand exactly what we're doing... please don't pair me up with anyone until I understand this more.
I really don't want to write it all out again, so I'll direct you to the post on my blog.. I talk about pacifiers a lot!! http://www.mamanotes.com/search/label/Pacifiers I got a lot of good comments too so maybe they will help you out!
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