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We have a honda CRV and no kids yet- due March- but we got it because of the safety and because of the features that I liked. However, after two kids we'll probably have to get something bigger! I suppose we'll cross that bridge when it comes.
Quote: Originally Posted by AntoninBeGonin I think it's wonderful that not only did you call 911, but that you and your husband stayed with that little child until his mother came back. She might not have said anything, but hopefully the fact that you were worried will make her think about her actions and take more care of him in the future. yeah that. Good for you for calling 911!
Quote: Originally Posted by Mimimamaiam My little guy is so low that every time he is awake and moving it's just killing me. It feels like he is pushing against my cervix (which I welcome at this point!) Everywhere I go people are like "oh my goodness, you are so low." And my belly is just so sore with this 3rd baby. Anyone else just have a sore belly? owe, that sounds painful! He/she will be here soon, though! Feel better in the meantime!
I'm not in your DDC- I';m due March but when I saw this I thought, " ME! ME!" I never got sick at all ( so far) no nausea, no throwing up.. just crazy!
We're using cloth diapers for our first baby but plan on using disposables for the first few weeks- give or take. As a first time mom and being new to cloth diapers, I don't want to have to worry about it right away. I imagine we'll see how it goes and start cloths after a couple weeks or so.
In my area it's $300- $600.
DomerJen- Mine is harry too, but blonde so we're lucky in that department! It's a little colored around my belly button too- more pinkish/purplish..
Quote: Originally Posted by Conchobhar If you touch your belly button and feel like you're getting run through with a sword, and the pain possibly radiates down to your nether-regions? The reason I asked was because I have a hernia, so that's what it feels like when my belly button gets touched. ohh I'm sorry! Mine doesn't hurt that bad, thank goodness! Feel better!
Quote: Originally Posted by Conchobhar Is it the skin or do you feel pain coming from the inside when you touch it as well? gosh, that's a good question. I'm not sure. How do I know the difference? I think it's the skin..... I put a little lotion on it and it feels better. I have an appointment Tuesday so I can ask my doc if it still hurts by then!
My skin around my belly button has became really sensitive the last couple days. I feel like it's stretching so much its going to tear! Sometimes it's even sensitive to touch.. ouch. maybe I need more moisturizer.
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