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There are printable coupons for Cascadian Farms and Muir Glen (Glen Muir?) right now, for reference. If you "like" some of these companies on FB, often you can get coupons that way. I emailed Chobani and told them how much I love their yogurt, and asked if they could mail me some coupons, and they did.    The only coupons I've seen for organic chicken,etc is when Whole Foods has it on sale, but sometimes Costco is still cheaper.   
So DH and I have different ideas on the budget. I do the bills. He normally is good about not spending but since we've been having a little bit extra, he's been nickel and diming us (well, really, $20 atming and fast fooding) our money away on a daily basis.  I can talk all I want about not doing it,etc, and he will just agree, then still buy lunch,etc. So I think we need to set up some boundries with our money.    What works for you guys? We have 3 different bank...
I'm sorry you're in this situation. My neighbor also used to sit on her porch (which faced my porch) and smoke and pretty much made it so I couldn't have windows or doors open or even use my porch. It's not fair but other than talking to her, there isn't much you can do. A fence will do nothing...air will thru a fence LOL.   
I think I need a really good book or website about this. I'm afraid to Google about it! (afraid of what a search on this topic might pull up, yikes!)
In my experience, I think underarm and pubic hair are next.   I think period is towards the end and from what I've read, 100 lbs seems to be near the magical weight number. 
See, I'm not going to judge what they want to donate.  And I'll admit, that I buy organic for my family, but will coupon for free stuff to donate. I don't donate organic stuff unless I get it in bulk, which normally I don't.  My family is on a tight budget but still want to help.    While the "average" American may eat crappy, I'm not going to tell someone what to eat. I've donated boxes and boxes of fruity Cheerios (got them for $.10 a box) and to the average...
I am not sure if this is the right forum!   Anyway, we have a Jeep Wrangler, 2001. It doesn't seem like the safest vehicle out there...no side curtain airbags, it's a soft top (and hubby has the top off about 99% of the time) so it's really just a frame on wheels LOL.  It's DH's car, I drive a Murano, which is what the kids are in 99% of the time.    Am I right to not want my kids in it? Or especially on the interstate? I'm not even sure where to have them...
I think with DD we switched to a sippy, then to a sippy with water, and she took that to bed with her for years (until like 5, but was just water anyway LOL.) 
I've found it's different with different children.  My first, a very verbal child, started potty training herself at 18 mo. I was pregnant and did very little except have a few potties around the house and let her be naked a lot. She just started using it one day and that was it. She probably only peed on the floor a few times. She wasn't night trained until about 3 (I did use pull-ups at night) when she told me no more pullups. She probably has had 3 accidents ever. I...
My DD is in 4th grade and 10, and there are lots of other ranges of development around her, even a few girls in bras (vs bralette type tank bras.)   I have a very thin 10 yr old, she's about 55 lbs, so I think she still has a few more years before her period. I think the buds are the beginning, along with underarm stinkies LOL. 
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