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Quote: Originally Posted by SandraS One that sucks the life force from my body every second of every day? Don't forget the night-time too! LOL!
I didn't know babies ever took three naps. lol. I'm thankful for one or two. If it's working, don't mess with it!
Hooray! You're normal! ((((hugs))))) though, it really sucks.
Maybe ambidexterious? I know that my uncle does a number of things with only his left, and a number of things with only his right. Pretty random about which hand for which, if I remember right. My oldest is a definite lefty. Showed a preference as soon as she was grabbing at things. DS is a righty. Also showed that early. DD2 is still a mystery. Like your youngest, she seems to switch back and forth a lot. she's only one though.
My oldest dd has got to be the wold's slowest eater. Drives me completely nuts. I have learned not to let it show (too much!!) though. I just let her sit there an be pokey. At least until it's time to get on with the evening....teeth brushing, jammies, bedtime. The others and I will sit there with her for a reasonable amount of time; usually about half an hour, and then the boy gets excused to go wash and brush and I get up to do the dishes. The way our house is set up...
Yargh. BTDT. My ds is about the same age as your dd. I tried and tried and tried and tried. lol. You get the picture. In the end, I sent the two older ones to nana's and opa's (the ils) for a weekend sleepover. He came home 2 days later, and hardly any accidents since then. Weird. lol. I swear, we did everything here for almost 2 years. I really started with him actively a little bit after I found out I was preggo with #3 since I couldn't stand the thought of two in...
Yep, we do whatever store brand/cheap cheerio type cereal. All my kids have/do love them. The youngest loves to be able to sit at the table and eat cereal with her older sibs in the morning.
Let him figure it out. At least he's willing to try to help? It's frustrating, but I would be thankful to have a dh who is willing to help out at all in the middle of the night. You're a very tired mama. Try to rest and relax. Daddys just need to be able to learn how to do things on their own. Like you said, you're with the babe all day long. You have things that will work for you, but they may not work for him. (((()))) Take it easy on yourself and on dh.
Mine have all sat in the regular tub as soon as they were able to sit well unassisted.
I know that when my kids have started doing that, they tend to do better in their own sleep space. It's worth a shot anyway.
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