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Thanks so much for all the supportive input!! I was really letting me affect me in a negative way. Thank goodness for these forums
There have probably been several threads dealing with this, but I got tired of searching...DH and I are TTC #1 and are whole heartedly set on having a HB.* We've done research, consulted with a highly recommended midwife, and are now just waiting for God's timing to get pregnant.* We are so excited and feel so sure of our choice that we were shocked by the negative comments we have received from someone that we mentioned our plan of HB to.* Basically she told me that by...
I'm glad to hear other women are having this dilemma! My DH and I made the decision to TTC and shortly after that my best friend called and said she is getting married Sept 09 and would I be the Matron of Honor!! So, I too am scared of getting a positive right away, but don't want to wait in case it does take a while. This will be my first cycle off of birth control pills (which after reading more about will never take again) and we are not sure what to do...
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