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I think that at the deepest level, the reason men find breasts sexy is that breasts signify that a woman is sexually mature and able to have babies and feed them. I don't think there's any point in separating out one 'purpose' of breasts from another since God's design of things is so brilliant and complex and works together so perfectly and this is a great example of that. Men are attracted to grown, healthy women who can bear and raise lots of babies.
Given that he's asking to stay home rather than asking for toys, it sounds to me like he really just feels left out since he can't talk to the other kids about what they're interested in and understand what they're talking about. Can he go play at a kid's house who has some of these super awesome toys so he feels less left out? Or visit an indoor playground that's a less annoying/commercial version of Chuck E Cheese, if that's what your issue with C.E.C is? What exactly...
DD (17 months) has a pair of these Stonz booties. Basically a waterproof, fleece-lined sack with a rubberized but still totally soft bottom and elastic drawstrings to tighten them so you can wear them over socks, slippers, shoes, whatever.
The only shoes we've found that are fairly soft-soled and wide enough for DD's feet are the Smaller shoes from See Kai Run. Originally I wanted to keep her in the Robeez that just have the suede sole for as long as possible but it was awful trying to stuff her little feet in them. Same with Pediped and the more padded Mini Shoez line from Robeez. (I also think the styles at See Kai Run are cuter, but they're pretty darn pricey, too. I guess it's worth it to not have to...
DD is 16 months and we started transitioning her into her own bed last week. The first night she stirred or cried every hour and DH would immediately soothe her and get her back to sleep. Every night she slept longer stretches on her own and last night she slept through the night in her own room from 8:30 pm to 6:00 am entirely on her own. Maybe she'll never do it again but we know she can do it, without conflict or a power struggle or leaving her alone to cry, and she's...
Not as severe as you describe, but in the early weeks of my pregnancy with DD I had what felt like particularly bad menstrual cramps after every orgasm. I think after a few weeks I was past that scary, crampy stage at the beginning of pregnancy and it stopped being painful, and hopefully the same will be true for you.
I totally agree with what everyone else is saying. If this is what your MIL is like, she almost certainly did say something offensive to your DD to trigger a 'disrespectful' response. Watch their interactions closely and defend your daughter so she doesn't feel like she has to resort to 'rudeness' to defend herself. Jump in and redirect before anything can escalate and make sure your daughter feels safe and respected, too.
Good for you! She certainly can't argue that breastmilk is unhealthy! I probably would have told her, "No, it's white wine." But I like your way much better!
She was on 'What Not To Wear' and was wearing her baby in almost all the secret footage (no, Stacy and Clinton didn't complain about ring slings being unfashionable, just everything else she was wearing) and when they showed her a sample 'good' outfit her first concern was, "Can I breastfeed in that?"
Quote: Originally Posted by The4OfUs Honestly, if it's this bad, I would develop a rote response to them every time they "lecture" you. "I'm not looking for advice, this is how we're decided to handle this." "I'm an adult now, this topic is not up for debate." "I'm not willing to discuss this with you, I've made an informed decision." This. If they're this into controlling your life, my original suggestion may have been phrased too...
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