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Thinking of you and praying for two peaceful weeks.
I'm 13 weeks tomorrow and mine are killing me when DS nurses. They were fine at first but seems to get getting worse. This pg has been the worst for me so far as sore boobs (wonder if it's a girl this time!!)
Thinking of you!!
Thinking of you and very sorry for your loss.
Thinking of you and waiting for some wonderfully positive news.
Here's mine, it's the first one I have taken at 11 weeks 4 days: http://www.flickr.com/photos/jackcoopersmom/3904464968/ I agree, everyone's belly's look cute!
With my first son, I kept mine in until the day before I delivered (I'm on the thin side and gained about 30 lbs for reference, had the top of my belly pierced, used just a regular barbell and didn't develop any stretch marks). I put it back in a couple of days after he was born. With my second, I made it to about 7 months and then it itched like mad. . it still fit fine and my guess is that it would have made it all nine months, but is just annoyed me so I took it out and...
Thinking of you Amy and praying for peace and answers for you.
So, is anyone else thinking about this? It's kind of got me a bit freaked out. I have been reading that it really seems to be tough on pregnant women (my OB was telling me last time about a woman in the practice that contracted it and almost died). Now, not only does the virus itself scare me, but also the coming vaccine. I'm understanding that it's hasn't been tested much, and especially not so much when it comes to the effects on pregnant women and their unborn little...
My OB mentioned the same as far as the US at 13 weeks and 20, but as far as I know there is nothing else that is different other than the 'standard' tests. I'll be 36 in November. It's completely optional, and not sure if I will go for it or not, though I may as I have a history with my last two kids that makes me a bit concerned. For me, sometimes knowing and preparing is best, but nothing is 100% and you need to do what you feel most comfortable with.
New Posts  All Forums: