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Quote: They are similar. Both practices are altering the bodyscape of a defenseless infant without their consent and without medical reason. No, not even close. Ear piercing is putting a tiny hole in the earlobe that can close up in the future. Circumcision is removing a body part that protects the head of the penis and can interfere with sexual pleasure. That little hole in the earlobe isn't really going to hurt anything but the lack of a foreskin...
Quote: Yep and it me too. I think of it similar to circumcising an infant boy, same thing in my opinion. Ear piercing and RIC are not even in the same ballpark. To compare them is nothing but ignorant. No wonder people think those of us who are against RIC are crazy when some of us make statements like that.
Quote: Dora is a little girl. Barbie is a woman. If you want to get technical, they're both dolls and nothing more.
Quote: Why so snarky? Yes, strong black coffee often helps alleviate this kind of headache. I'm sorry, I wasn't trying to be snarky. I was sincerely asking what strong coffee would accomplish in this situation. I know about the potential headache relief but I didn't know if it would supposedly help with anything else.
Quote: the fact that the main Barbie character was ALWAYS blonde haired w/ blue eyes was a big deal for me. Always. The dolls, when I was a kid that weren't blonde were NOT Barbie..but her "friend". Well, yeah. Barbie is always blonde haired and blue eyed. Dora the Explorer is always hispanic with brown eyes and brown hair but I don't see people complaining about that. Characters have a certain look and you can't really alter that without creating...
<--This is me when I have PMS. For the past two cycles I've skipped a month (period in June, no period in July, period in early August, no period until late October.) The months I don't get my period I still have PMS and it doesn't stop until the blood flows. I thought it was a weird side effect from my tubal but it turns out I have PCOS I always feel really bad for being a b!tch afterward.
I wish people would keep an open mind about why some infants and children may have pierced ears
Quote: Originally Posted by uccomama Try drinking some very strong coffee. What's that supposed to do? Headache relief?
Quote: Originally Posted by Cinder My dd was 18 months when she asked, I made her keep asking (multiple times a day, every day) for a year before I gave in... I still have no idea why it was (still is, she LOVES her ear rings, she is 6 now) such a big deal for her, I NEVER wear ear rings, and neither do any of the women she really sees on a regular basis. We made DD1 keep asking for several months before allowing her to have it done, but after...
Pediatric Singular contains asparthame, so maybe she's reacting to that. We had DS on it for a few months when he was a toddler (diagnosed around a year old) and it made him CRAZY. He's sensitive to asparthame, as are my mother and brother. We took him off the Singular and started giving him Pulmicort treatments via nebulizer. He also received Albuterol when needed and that made him hyper, but the effects were nothing like the Singular effects. He's 7 now and his...
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