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One day shy of 38 weeks - it would have been later, but I (selfishly) didn't want to be in the hospital for Christmas. Baby A was 5 lbs 14 oz and Baby B was 6 lbs 2 oz.
Thanks for all the input.  It's nice to know it's not just me.  I think the biggest struggle is that I thought things would be getting easier by now.  And it's all just as hard.  So, now I'll wait for the 6 month mark - that's when things got easier with my high-needs toddler.
I'm beginning to wonder if I need to see my dr for ppd.  Or maybe I'm just alarmingly sleep-deprived.   The history is that I was not happy when I got pregnant and even less so when I found out there were 2 babies.  My girls are 3 months today and I'm still upset about the pregnancy.  I'm constantly thinking how much easier things would be if there were only one baby - going to the store, breastfeeding (which I finally had to give up), cooking dinner, sleeping.  The...
My twins are 8 weeks and somebody to clean my house would be awesome.  Food is also very much appreciated.   More specifically for the babies, I like coordinating/matching outfits more than I ever thought I would.  In fact, I now like to dress all 3 of my girls (I also have a 2 yr old) in matching outfits.  It's just too stinking cute.
I can't figure out how to do this.  I currently have an Ergo and a Moby wrap.  I also have a pocket sling, but don't like it much.  I can't figure out how to wear the Ergo and Moby at the same time.  My twins are only 8 weeks old right now so I can't do a back carry anyway, but I'm still stumped.  I'm thinking about getting a Mei Tai because that seems to work better with the Ergo, but I'm not sure.   Basically, if you wore your twins, how did you do it?  I'd like...
My twins aren't born yet, but I just had a fantastic conversation with a twin OB who has been practicing for years and years (probably 30 or so) and has done research on twin births and all that.  He told me that 1 in 10 babies born at 34 weeks will go home with their mothers.  At 36 weeks, 9 in 10 will go home then.  I just thought that might be good info for any other pregnant mamas who are reading this thread closely trying to figure what the earliest "safe" date is.
We're planning to side-car a crib so there's some extra space for the babies. When they reach the combined weight limit for the crib, I don't know what we'll do. H may sleep in the guest bed while I share with the babies. I don't like that idea, though. I like having H near me. Our older daughter moved into her own bed at about 18 months and I think we'll move the twins into a full bed to share at around the same age. We'll see.
I'm struggling with weight gain, too, and it's stressing me out. I'm 27 weeks and only up about 15 pounds (maybe 20 - I don't remember my exact pre-pregnancy weight). I'm definitely up about 20 since my low point - I lost weight between my first 2 appointments. I've actually been losing again the past couple of weeks. I really don't want these babies to be born early and tiny. I eat high-protein, high-(good)-fat foods, I'm just not able to eat very much and I'm still...
Thanks everyone. I guess it's just my body saying "slow down, lady." Not easy to do with a toddler, but I'll do what I can.
Quote: Originally Posted by BRmama Thanks Rachel. My pregnancy is high risk as well so I've been there. The first dr. I spoke to was dr. Draper and he was really nice, then I spoke with dr. Porter, I liked her even though she didn't like the plan that dr. Draper and I had already made about preventing another blood clot and she kept pressuring me to take the medication. Anyway but she said in despite of everything I can still have a vbac. Are any of these...
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