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We night weaned our DD#1 at 21 months. Her dad took her and held her and soothed her back to sleep. This took about a week. I was two months pregnant and just couldn't do the night nursings anymore. We all slept together and are attachment parents, to me AP means responding to your child and we responded to her night needs and cared for her during the weaning time.
That is the ONLY way my DD#1 would take a bath for the first few months of her life, until she could sit up on her own. I wrapped her up in a towel and sat up in the tub with her and used my free arm to wash her.
Someone just asked me that directly and I just answered them directly. As in he said, "Your children sure are beautiful. What are they mixed with?" So I said, "Black, their father is black." There is no secretiveness or exposure. I actually prefer it that way, as in if they wonder just ask. I think people just ask out of curiosity and because our children are beautiful, not because they are trying to point out that our kids look different and trying to make them feel...
There is a sticky here with free patterns: http://www.mothering.com/discussions...d.php?t=717638 I used the RRP pattern for my son and now make diapers with my own pattern; it has the same design concept as the RRP though.
Old fleece blankets have worked wonderfully for me. I used a modified version of the RRP pattern for ours. You can sew velcro on a sewing machine but you need different equipment for putting on snaps, either pliers or a press. Pliers are cheaper.
So. much. harder. *whew* I always adored kids and wanted them so badly and then we had our first child and it was so much harder than I thought in so many ways. Just my confession. I adore my kids but being a mother is hard sometimes. I never thought it would be this hard. Then again I never knew I could love little people so much til it feels like my chest will pop open!
I wouldn't worry about it at all. People always say strange things and don't think at all before they open their mouths. Be proud of your child and don't worry about everyone else.
Yes diapers made from the RRP can be sold and you don't have to say that you used that pattern. She also has cover patterns and the same applies. She just asks that you not sell the pattern itself. It's really easy to make your own pattern, and of course you don't have to worry about any issues from selling from it that way.
That expression is priceless! Love the hair too, although I see what you mean. It's kind of huge but really pretty. LOL Here's what I'd do ... wash it no more than once a week or every two weeks with castile soap (made from organic oils) and then maybe a rinse-out conditioner if you need it. Then after her hair is washed don't rub it dry, just pat it and put a little olive oil in it. For every day maintenance you can comb it with a wet wide tooth comb and put...
-Shampoo & conditioner - CASTILE SOAP -Deodorant - BAKING SODA & CORNSTARCH -Soap - CASTILE SOAP -Face moisturiser - OLIVE OIL (or other natural oil) -Hand cream - OLIVE OIL -Face scrub/cleanser CASTILE SOAP & BAKING SODA -Body moisturiser - OLIVE OIL -Face powder -Still working on that one myself ... Also you can use baking soda and hydrogen peroxide to brush your teeth with and there are lots of other things you can use in your natural beauty regiment. TTO to treat...
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