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Envirobecca-Thanks so much. You have a very calming affect! And great ideas!
Ok, I really have an issue with meal planning. I can not seem to do it. I am stressed, unorganized, too busy, too poor and possibly too depressed to manage. I just DO NOT understand it. It is like I am literally missing the meal planning gene. It does not help that I do not like cooking and our kitchen is awful. I am writing all this so you might grasp what an absolutely huge issue this is for me. It is a problem every single day three times a day. It has practically...
I have millet, amaranth and quinoa that are in jars but not in the fridge. They are months and months (and months) old. Our climate is warm. WOULD YOU STILL EAT THEM?? We are low budget right now and I am trying to use everything we have stored.   thanks
I bought an expensive pair of shoes almost two years ago. I never wear them because I found out they have some PVC. It is such a waste of money, space , worry. It seems so silly but this has been an issue.   Would you wear them??   p.s they are Dansko vegan clogs     p.s.would you have your child sleep regularly on a blow up mattress?
I am becoming the mother I never wanted to be. My daughter can be so tough at times. She is THE sweetest and most generous girl HOWEVER, she talks and talks and cannot NOT interrupt. It is like she forgets to not talk in about 1 minute. This sound like nothing but it is taking a real toll on me. I can't do anything with out being inturrupted. I can't even think a thought. She does not talk talk just about her self, her talk is never meaningless. It actually is usually...
We are looking for some new friends. I have an almost 5 year old girl. We live in Kailua.     thanks!  
I am newly concerned about polio. I have heard through another mom forum that we should now be worried about polio because it has shown up in other countries. We live in a big tourist area so they were commenting on the fact it could travel to us.   I hate feeling "damned if we do damned if we don't"!
I am wondering if people here sometimes don't vaccinate their dogs.      Also, do you give internal flea prevention?   thanks!
Do you find there is enough social time for you child/ren?
Please others tell me their experiences. DD has had some of these issues all along but now I find it harder to deal with. I feel SOOOO frustrated alot (!) of the time. I feel like almost every night I lay down with her and tell her I am sorry for behaving badly. This is becoming such a pattern that I am afraid it is becoming part of her ( mommy who gets mad etc). I could use some advice how to handle myself but more on if this is normal.   Here are some examples of time...
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