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I am looking for a music CD. I don't want kids singing. I want classic songs. I can't seem to find one on Amazon. Any ideas?
How do you work out the cleaning of your tub so baby +/or you bathe in it? I think I am a bit of a germ freak. Before baby I would always scrub tub before I took a bath. That might be hard now. Ugh, what to do. Did I mention that my DH's feet are gross?
I have seen photos of wood spools and beads in bright colors. I also have seen large plastic beads. Where can I buy them?? Are these safe in terms of toxic paint? I want to make a nursing necklace and/or a potty charm.
thanks everyone!
What do you do at babies bed time? I don't mean baby ritual but yours. I shower, DH gives baby to me for a quick wash. He takes and dries her and tries to read or talk to her but mostly is soothing her until I get our of shower then I quickly get into bed with her, lights out and nurse. Then I wake up several time to change her and nurse her and get up with her in morning. I would like to read a bit in bed, maybe. but what about my need for sleep. I took very seriously...
I want to (try) to make a floor mat. We use a variety of blankets on the floor but they are either too small, too Un waterproof etc. I was thinking fleece with flannel. I would sew the edges then stitch an X so they stay together, like quilt. Or I could just use fleece but I find fleece alone not as great as with something to absorb the pee and fleece more like waterproofing. Or plastic and some fabric? Anyone have ideas?
We have a few rattles and two wood teethers but want more. Some of our books recommend cotton balls (yikes) and yarn but EVERYthing end up in her mouth. I wonder if anyone out there has some smart toy(s) they like(d) for their 5+ month old. We want to stimulate and entertain her brain and senses. Homemade or bought. thanks
We have a sleep numberbed. We are really uncomfortable with 3 of us (baby is 5 months). If she is not in the middle of my side then she is too much on a slant towards me. this is no matter how hard or soft the bed is. So basically my Dh and i sleep on the other half, me sort of on the middle hump. Anyone have suggestions how to keep baby from always rolling towards me? I am seriously afraid she is going to get lop sided. We have tried to think of something with towels....
I am by no means an expert but her is what we have been doing and it works. I have a yard or so of fleece on the bed and I put one prefold where DH butt will be then I put her in a prefold with no cover (fleece sheds the water so it is absobred by diaper). She stirs to pee and wakes me up but I haven't really managed to get her on the potty yet. Anyway, I can feel without moving if she peed. I then throw both diapers on the floor. oh, I also use a homemade elastic...
thanks! esp like what brown eye said about what she is learning. DD is often in a cloth diaper cover free. I keep reminding my self that part of this is so she doesn't sit in a wet diaper.
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