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I think my layer of fat has something to do with it, too... With DD, I never minded getting kicked. She never hit my ribs and didn't kick at night. I can't remember when I started feeling her regularly, though... ETA: I just checked the film of my scans and realized I too have an anterior placenta. I don't know if this was the case the first time around but I suspect it was posterior because I felt lots of movements in the front last time. This explains why I only feel...
Crickets, I haven't felt much. Jabs and gurgles here and there over the last couple of weeks, but very little this week. Hard to be patient! The movements are my favorite part.
Have you ever used oregano oil? I wouldn't do out in pregnancy without checking, but it kills the tummy bugs. Are you all taking probiotics?
Marci, your belly or just dry skin?
18 + 6 today. Almost halfway! I am still m/s which is managed by never getting out of bed, in the morning... I feel my fundus a few fingers above the belly button. It is fun to notice the growth. I still have flat mornings, where is all that baby? Anyone notice lightheadedness? I am also getting crazy sugar reactions. I think it is time to get the old diet journal out. I still haven't gained much weight, about two pounds total. Fine with me - I started this Pg a good 40...
Danielle, I got a glamourmom and was not impressed. The straps are itchy and it wasn't long enough. Prone to shrinking, too. I like those soft sleeping bras, and I am a DD.
Been feeling a little anxious, too. Hormones are fun!
RussianMama, if it makes you feel any better, I haven't been wearing my ring since week 6 or so because I swelled.I just now put a silver ring on my finger because it felt bare. I love the idea of new rings! I keep misplacing my engagement ring. Maybe it's a sign?
Oh you mamas are looking so nice! Bumps!
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