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Marci, your belly or just dry skin?
18 + 6 today. Almost halfway! I am still m/s which is managed by never getting out of bed, in the morning... I feel my fundus a few fingers above the belly button. It is fun to notice the growth. I still have flat mornings, where is all that baby? Anyone notice lightheadedness? I am also getting crazy sugar reactions. I think it is time to get the old diet journal out. I still haven't gained much weight, about two pounds total. Fine with me - I started this Pg a good 40...
Danielle, I got a glamourmom and was not impressed. The straps are itchy and it wasn't long enough. Prone to shrinking, too. I like those soft sleeping bras, and I am a DD.
Been feeling a little anxious, too. Hormones are fun!
RussianMama, if it makes you feel any better, I haven't been wearing my ring since week 6 or so because I swelled.I just now put a silver ring on my finger because it felt bare. I love the idea of new rings! I keep misplacing my engagement ring. Maybe it's a sign?
Oh you mamas are looking so nice! Bumps!
Delighted, good work! We are still battling... Ugh. I am loving being so close to halfway! I am so grateful to be in my second trimester, omg. And I still ferry queasy, but nothing like before.
18 weeks tomorrow. Starting to feel several times a day!
Alright, I'm joining the bump club. This is 17.5 weeks. Pregnant with my second girl. Love!
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