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Carlin - how frustrating to have such a long cycle. I used to be annoyed that get AF ever 24 days, but I realized that is more O opportunities in the year in I made my peace with it. Now I am grateful, because I don't have to wait so long... It is auspicious that your DH was home, maybe you caught that eggy!   Fnord - I see it. I would do what the PP suggested and redo it on Wednesday. On second thought, knowing me, I would actually do it again tomorrow and everyday...
BTW, Fnord, it's strange that your siggy from your Iphone has a link to your location. 
Fnord, I see the tiniest line, but I am not sure if I would go with it. Hmmm.
Hi Jordan - I am sorry you are so stressed. Why are you going to court? It wasn't totally clear in your post.
Are you temping? Do you know if you have been O'ing with the meds? What's your luteal phase like? Do you want to share a chart?   Have you seen Taking Charge of Your Fertility? I love what the author says about timing being everything. She has some anecdotes about couples who have been trying over a year getting pregnant after one month of charting. You're probably all over this, but just thought it couldn't hurt to mention. She also talks about temping to see if you...
MamanF, thanks for the new thread. I'm sorry about AF and not feeling well. Bleh.   Fnord - OMG, I would be like doorbusters at Wallgreens to get a FRER. LOL. You are amazingly patient. Hope you get some good news!   ChiChiMama - welcome back.   JelloPanda - I would LOVE to sleep through the 2WW. Because the BD phase is fun and the POAS phase is fun in an agonizing way, but the waiting and knowing there is nothing I can do but obsess over cover lines and...
Wow, Belia, I am glad it was just gas!   In a fit of madness I took a test this morning, BFN of course, because it is soooooooo early - still 6 days to my period being due. I just really felt like it, I thought it would get me excited about pregnancy again. I really want to conceive but I am feeling a little down right now and for some reason, hopeless about being pregnant this month. I remember feeling this way with my DD. The first month I tried  was sure every...
MamanF, are you saying what I think you're saying? Come on, don't hold out on us, post the picture!  
After a day and a half off, I managed to get my DH to DTD again, on day 14. Well, we either totally missed O or caught an early egg. (I think we had CD7-12 and then day 14.) This morning I felt a little nausea and when my DH made his lunch I was gagging. Now, we do have different taste in food, LOL, but it smelled so wrong! Could be a sign, could be! Probably not. Won't know for another week. :)
Bailey, I have been lurking, but that looks promising! Here's hopin'.
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