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Me again. I was just sitting here and starting to feel really pregnant! I felt some gentle cramps and then my BBs started to hurt. My resolve is weakening about that whole POAS thing... First Response is supposed to be able to detect hcg as early as 6 days before missed period right? So by my count, this is day 20 and I usually bleed on day 26. Hee hee hee.   I need someone to talk me down.
I am sorry to hear about your loss. I had a D&C ten years ago and it took 40 days for my periods to resume. I have a feeling it is different for everyone.   Hugs mama, I am sorry for your loss!
Watching and learning. Thanks for all the good ideas!    I just started making my own sweet potato fries - one of the only veggies I can get into my little girl. They are almost as easy as grabbing from the freezer - take the same amount of time. I just peel and cut into julianne pieces. Spread on a cookie sheet (I use parchment paper, but that stuff IS expensive! I need to use it more sparingly) then lightly toss with olive oil and bake. My daughter likes them even...
Still holding out, not testing... I have been feeling pregnant, just energetically (and slightly nauseated, repulsed by things) and having dreams! I had an entire dream conversation with the midwife who delivered DD (literally, it was a dream) but it went on for a long time was very informative and at the end she said knowingly, "Oh, you are so pregnant!" LOL. I am going craaaazy!   I am only 9 days after O, just based on the calendar. I am CD 20 and usually have 25...
Thanks for the good information! I will get back on track - I think it is just the stress of waiting. :)
Thanks for the welcome! I am obsessed with the idea of being PG again.  It is gratifying to read everyone else's sagas.   I am generally not that into divination, but I asked a pendulum if I am pregnant and got a really definitive yes. I have never had a pendulum do this before, but when I asked what "yes" looks like, it vibrated! Hee hee hee, the things we do when we are waiting to POAS!    I also asked a magic 8 ball and it said definitely. I am such a dork!
Do you go into maintenance mode during the 2WW or do you diet right up until the BFP or AF, whichever shows first?   I have lost about 12 pounds in the last two months and I find that since we DTD this month, I have lost my momentum. It got me wondering whether my wise mama body is trying to skootch myself into a maintenance level of calories... Obviously after we conceive, I will not try to lose weight.   Any thoughts on dieting in the possible early stages of...
I'm going to hop aboard! I am in my 2WW, by about 6 days. I am feeling some slight cramping and a hint of nausea, which could just be excitement. This is our first month trying. We have a 3 year old DD.   I work in a boutique and today a friend of the family walked in - she's a midwife. I asked her if she is taking new clients right now and told her we are trying. She told me she got a really pregnant vibe from me when she walked in. Hope hope hope she's...
Wow, you don't have much longer to wait to find out!
Altair, yay!   Well, I am now 5 days into the 2WW. Hmmmm. This morning I woke up early in the morning dreaming I heard my daughter calling me, but she was silent. As I lay there trying to go back to sleep, I felt nauseated. Yesterday, I also felt woozy. Unlikely it is anything more than an anxious feeling or fighting a cold, but it is so fun to imagine the symptoms.   I vacillate between thinking, "I must be pregnant" and "No way, I am not pregnant." Anyone else?
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