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I am so sad for your loss. I looked at how to leave the group and this page has a button: http://www.mothering.com/community/groups/show/63/september-2014-due-date-club   Peace and healing, Mama!
A friend thought he had a prostate issue because he was seemingly waking up to pee all night. Turns out he has sleep apnea, and the stress of not breathing for a minute was stressing his kidneys out and producing waste. I wonder if something similar happens to us...
I am liking the Orgain chocolate fudge powder, blended into milk with or without a banana. It has a lot of good stuff in it and fulfills my chocolate milk cravings. I am not getting enough protein either. Meat is so hard to eat right now! I just ate a gf grilled cheese sammie with pesto and it was slammin'!
I think the only reaction should be a warm smile and a simple, "I'm happy for you!" Until the mama starts talking. That's all we want people, is to share the excitement. Let us talk or not talk! I think we could help it along by saying something that gives a cue. "I'm pregnant!" Could be happy, could be confessional, too ambiguous. Hence the "are you happy?" How about this: "I am happy to say we are pregnant again!", or, "I am pregnant and it is interesting having both...
I think if they are fresh and it is a company and store you trust, it feels safer. my midwives have me taking probiotics, which may help you resist stuff. I never eat something that doesn't smell appetizing, either. I went and got turkey from the deli and ate two sandwiches! Happy!
"you should really watch the weight gain, because... It is just so hard to lose..." At 8 months pregnant when I had already gained about 50 pounds, said by someone I had just met.
And good quality strong decaf wouldn't do it for you?
I had a Braxton Hicks after some alone time with DH and I could clearly feel my uterus for the first time, and it was definitely high! Like a few fingers below my belly button... Awesome feeling! I have felt some flutters but not in the last few days. When I had my doppler on Tuesday we heard a few kicks!
My daughter did this for a few months. I totally ignored it and she stopped after a while.
Thanks everyone!
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