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That's so great for everybody who doesn't care, but boy, I sure did yesterday on DD's B-day when NO ONE in my family called. I really don't see why people wouldn't care, but it makes me feel like they just don't care. The also didn't even send cards, let alond presents. IT's not because they couldn't afford it, either.
yesterday~ B: leftover rolls from thanksgiving that my dad made. L: an omelette cooked in butter with carnitas avocado, cheese, salsa and peppers and onions and some sour cream D: tortilla soup with homemade bone broth, homemade tortillas and lots of good pastured chicken up in there....and avocado and ranchero cheese OMG it was good....it was a mexican kinda day, I guess lol fire cider and raw garlic, CLO for baby.
Sorry I haven't been updating much, been offline a lot the past few days. Today I had buttered pumpkin for breakfast, dd had oatmeal with cream and butter. Last night, tilapia fried in butter with butternut squash mixed with cream, butter, peas and salt and pepper. For lunch yesterday we had a baked potato that we split with butter, sour cream, broccoli, cheese, green onions, salsa and bacon. Breakfast yesterday was eggs with ham, bacon, avocado and fried in...
Chili Verde sveral times this weekend. Eggs and potatoes fried in butter for breakfast each day over the weekend. Forgot supplements on Saturday. Had beef burritos fried in butter with sour cream and salsa for dinner last night. Made a pumpkin cheesecake with Splenda for my mom and had a piece.
Quote: Originally Posted by yukookoo DD is dressed in wool underwear, sweats over on the bottom and a wool sweater on top. WhaOMG I'm roasting just thinking about all that wool and layers and everything and the heater! What do you wear, Mama?
Yeah, me too about the ceiling fan! We go to about 55. IT is so dry here and I hate the heater being on unless it HAS to be. I even crack my window! We do have a dow comforter but I don't even use it at that temp!
They were talking about movie theater snacks and they went through a run down of all the theaters popcorn and how terrible it is that its all cooked in COCONUT OIL. They were so NEGATIVE about it and said that if you eat that kind of stuff it's the same as eating three 1/4lbers in a row with a coke or something crazy like that! And that was WITHOUT the buttery-topping! They said, "Just chew up the popcorn, spit it back into your hand that's what your arteries will look...
Yeah, about those "dairy snacks", my sister in law told me she was buying the kids "smoothies" now becaue I had told her about how they could maybe try some yogurt(they get so many ABX, they need the bacteria!!!) so she bought these things that DO have fish oil in them but other than that they are not yogurt at all but she thought they were because like you said, they are kept by the yogurt! How deceptive! And why?
So today I started out with some coconut/pumpkin custard that had cranberries in it....I really needed the sweetness and tried extra hard to make it a good compromise. DD had the same. For lunch~ burger with bacon, avocado and cheese lunch for dd~ chicken chunks and fried potatoes, again snack~ more custard....then threw the rest away! I would have kept eating it. Blech. Same supps today as everyday. Might have more fish tonight since my meat hasn't...
Oooh, an interview would be fun, feel free to PM me if you want! I'm too lazy to retype my story since I lost it!
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